Celebrity gossip: Song Qian, Yang Ying, Liu Yifei, Lu Han, Gu Linaza, Gao Hanyu, Jing Ning

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1. Song Qian has been in touch with some movie and TV resources recently, but has not found the right one.2. Angelababy said in an interview before his can’t afford to buy a house in Shanghai, because she actually took a fancy to a few months before the old Shanghai style of small single-family houses, homeowners quote $11, talk for a long time people are not willing to depreciate homeowners, she really can’t afford to buy this suite, star’s house with the average of the population is not a concept 3.Liu Yifei’s “Dream Hualu” is likely to be broadcast online in February, after which the platform will arrange marketing, but her team is quite Buddhist, basically did not arrange a lot of marketing.They also rarely compete with other female stars for resources, so Liu yifei doesn’t have many peers in the circle.However, she is really not a little enterprising, but the team is not in a hurry, after all, the people are here, there is no lack of resources.4. Yang Mi, Xu Kai starred in the “love of 28 laws” these two days have begun to attract business, although there is no clear set file and broadcast time, but the goose factory put it in the first quarter.”The law of love” this preparation to star, the current SATELLITE TV review also no problem, so this drama should not be pressed too long, the time is broadcast.5. Jing Jing was overweight before, much heavier than many female artists of the same period. Fortunately, she was tall and wore loose clothes to cover her flesh, which didn’t show her true figure.Circle inside female artist people notice figure management very much, coil inside fierce, halcyon although not how is mixed in show business circle, but still many variety resources want to go up, to go up lens better look, privately also began sport fitness.6. When Zhang Yujian was just popular, he expanded his style a lot and took AIRS to people and things.He is to eat a lot of star drama bonus, but unfortunately because of the feelings of a car, plus no children mama’s support, so he pa ji on the ground, publicity can not rise, go out to participate in activities, or to participate in the industry of various wine bureau worth while, immediately become humble and low-key, toasting set to people everywhere.Zhang Ruoyun, Yue Yunpeng, Huang Zitao, Lin Gengxin, Chen Feiyu and Wang Yanlin will be invited to the goose variety New Journey.2 guan Zhilin once went to a temple for son, there is a high man said she will not have children, the reason is too much sin, there will be no offspring……Gulinaza is suspected to have been listed on the black list of stars by some entertainment records, probably that is to say she is not good at communication, because there is nothing in her mind.Then she made an official advertisement for a mobile game, and was criticized for her poor acting and speaking skills.In fact, she has always been like this, ten years of career has not been promoted, will only cry that he was scolded.Even though she can only rely on her looks to survive, He has shown her many sweet pet dramas this year, both modern and ancient.4. Mr Wang is not marketing, but has been taken, is a very like to use him to do a lot of high quality play male with images, such as “this life with you”, the microscopic daming, “break”, but his two scenes as men can also cause the attention of higher some, male number n heat would not too conspicuous.A few days later there are “the world” to go up, although it is a supporting role, but this configuration looks like a good play to take awards.In addition, he and Song Jia co-starred in the fog theater new play “Echo” has been low-key, this time finally have a male drama, see if he can rely on this to make a big noise.5. Lu han’s family has been urging him to get married and have children. After all, it’s time to put marriage on the agenda.However, Guan Xiaotong married early at this age, and married identity will also increase restrictions on the future career development, plus her current main direction or partial idol drama, and this kind of drama with married people’s propaganda restrictions are more.6. Gao Hanyu’s acting is quite good. Although his role is not memorable to the audience, his leading role has a good reputation and is not mocked by the audience.Gao Hanyu has a leading role in the hands of the play set file, set next month valentine’s Day online, choose is mango satellite TV monsoon theater star broadcast, and network broadcast platform is also in mango side.He usually pay attention to keep figure, fitness exercise adhere to do, keep a particularly good figure, especially wear formal clothes super suction fine, the opposite sex edge overflow want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to white powder star entertainment, yu More MCN