Accounting entry for VAT deduction on tax control board

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The expenses paid by taxpayers for the initial purchase of the tax control panel can be fully offset against the VAT tax payable by the special VAT invoice obtained from the purchase of equipment, and the insufficient amount of the deduction can be carried over to the next period.So, taxpayers purchase tax control plate, and tax control plate how to do the entry?Enterprises for the first time to purchase tax control panel: borrow: administrative expenses – tax control equipment loan:Bank deposit For general taxpayers, the VAT special invoice obtained by the purchase of equipment should not be checked for deduction (the amount of tax payable can be fully deducted due to the price of the equipment, including the tax amount). In accounting treatment, the input tax is directly included in the management expense, and there is no need to confirm “tax payable — VAT payable (input tax)”.Tax deduction or exemption: the total value added tax of tax controlled equipment is deducted from VAT, which belongs to direct tax deduction or exemption. It is calculated by “taxes payable – VAT payable (tax deduction or exemption)”, and the increase of “other income” is confirmed at the same time (the implementation of accounting standards for small enterprises is included in “non-operating income”).At the end of the period, the amount deducted or exempted from the credit shall be carried forward from the credit to the transferout of VAT unpaid:Tax payable — VAT payable (tax reduction or exemption) the current “input tax”, “output tax” and “tax paid” items are carried forward to “transfer unpaid VAT” (belonging to the collection transition subject), “transfer unpaid VAT” is the credit balance, indicating that the tax payable of the enterprise is greater than 0.Borrow: payable taxes – payable VAT (transfer out not paid VAT) loan: payable taxes – not paid VAT for small-scale taxpayers, tax control equipment to offset the amount of tax preferential, accounting directly reduce management expenses: borrow: payable taxes – payable VAT loan:Management fees need to pay attention to, taxpayers for the first time purchase tax-controlled system special equipment can fully paying VAT deduction of VAT, late but if the taxpayer fails to replace equipment, namely the purchase tax-controlled device for the first time, paying not fully offset value added tax, but the input tax can purchase equipment check to obtain special invoices for value-added tax deduction.Except the taxpayer’s initial purchase of tax-controlled equipment can be fully offset against VAT, the annual technical maintenance fee paid by the taxpayer (generally 280 per year) can be fully offset against the VAT tax payable by the invoice of technical maintenance fee issued by the technical maintenance service unit, and the insufficient deduction can be carried over to the next period.Tax control equipment and technical maintenance fees to offset the amount of tax payable, in the VAT tax declaration, small-scale taxpayers and general taxpayers need to fill in the VAT Reduction or Exemption declaration form.