The liberation of Jiuquan, the enemy lurking 40 women soldiers, ready to marry our army cadres, Peng did not sleep all night

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Guide language: when new China was just established, the whole country was immersed in a joy, but the northwest area of our country was not liberated, at that time it was Peng Dehuai general in charge of the northwest liberation, at that time he often sleepless.At that time, the Liberation Army started the first step of liberation in northwest China in the Campaign of Futian, and succeeded in liberating Lanzhou, Gansu province after a bitter struggle with the Kuomintang.However, the liberation of the northwest was imminent, so Peng Dehuai ordered further liberation of the west, and jiuquan was finally liberated at the end of September.However, after the war ended, there were still some ethnic problems, so Peng Dehuai continued to carry out the liberation work. However, at this time, there came a news that there were more than 40 female soldiers ambushed in the CAMP of the PLA, and they were going to marry some soldiers in order to further disintegrate the PLA.Peng dehuai immediately took notice of the matter and ordered it to be resolved as soon as possible.At that time, peng Dehuai gave wang Zhen to carry out the task, Wang Zhen also promised to solve the heart digging group within three to five days.At that time, it was getting late that night, and the yellow sand in the northwest was always flying all over the sky. Peng Dehuai felt tired. Although the Kuomintang was helpless, huang Zuxun, commander of the 91st Army, refused to surrender.When the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army just arrived in northeast China, Huang Zuxun ordered people to set fire to houses and warehouses. As a result, the smoke filled the sky and the people were so frightened that they did not dare to go out of their homes. The PEOPLE’s Liberation Army immediately put into work and did a lot of ideological propaganda to solve the problem.Peng Dehuai side to worry about Huang Zuxun such reactionaries, while also worried about this digging heart group of forty secret agents how to solve the matter, so he began to concentrate on the liberation of Xinjiang when waiting for the results of the matter.However, the weather in northwest China was so different from that in Beijing that Peng Dehuai was not used to it. At night, he always felt cold, as if the strong wind was penetrating the walls and the quilt, and the cold came to his heart.Peng Dehuai told the guards to have a rest first, and he began to read, but the environment outside was still particularly bad.However, peng dehuai unconsciously time passed while he was reading. When he was about to turn on the light to continue reading, suddenly there was a loud noise outside the door, like a knock on the door, or the sound of banging on the wall.Peng Dehuai was about to go out to see, but he opened the door and ate a mouthful of sand. He found that everyone had been woken up and were crowding around him in fear that the enemy was trying to break in.The sound was very strong, like the cry of a baby, like the wind, like the howl of wolves in the field.Peng Dehuai suddenly thought of digging heart group things, just Wang Zhen suddenly came to report this thing.Wang Zhen also explained that the northwest wind is too cold, when blowing over the Gobi Desert is the sound, we are relieved.Wang Zhen then reported the work, said that the heart-digging group has been almost solved, arrested 37 people, there are only three work to complete.Peng dehuai knew he could definitely complete the task, and his heart was relieved.September 25, 1949, Tao Shiyue uprising, the liberation of Xinjiang work is about to be completed, Peng Dehuai and Wang Zhen and others immediately rushed to Jiuquan and Tao Shiyue to meet.On October 7, the three men exchanged ideas about the liberation of Xinjiang.Later Peng Dehuai back to Tao Shiyue prepared a “gift”, Tao Shiyue arrived at his office to know peng Dehuai for the liberation of Xinjiang is how well-intentioned, he actually ahead of time will Tao Shiyue’s wife and daughter found, and safely escorted back to Xinjiang.At this time The Tao Shi Yue could not help but shed tears, his gratitude are beyond words, the original Tao Shi Yue knew the kuomintang means early, afraid of his wife and daughter were killed, so Peng Dehuai learned that after the matter, he ordered people to safely escort his wife and daughter back.On December 17, the People’s Government of Xinjiang was formally established and the Xinjiang Military Command was established, thus officially liberating Xinjiang.Afterwards Wang Zhen invites Tao Shi Yue to go to Xinjiang together with him to prepare to build a job, then 2 people go forward to bury their heads in hard work, created the unit yield of cotton of 20 thousand mu actually, xinjiang also became our country the most important cotton production base later.Conclusion: in 1955, Tao Shi Yue and Wang Zhen participated in the ceremony of awarding titles together, and because of excellent achievements in xinjiang construction, was awarded the rank of the general of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army.Later, thanks to the efforts of Wang Zhen and others, xinjiang’s construction work advanced steadily and the people’s life got better and better. The ethnic policy also helped all ethnic groups live in peace.Xinjiang people up to now also be grateful to Peng Dehuai, Wang Zhen, Tao Shi Yue heart, this is the spirit of the People’s Liberation Army to do practical things for the people, will eventually harvest the affirmation of the people.