New Li Ning!Flash 8 generation multi-color exposure, Yu Shuai 14 new color shuai over, shoes full of surprise

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Happy New Year, everyone. I haven’t updated it for a few days. How is your New Year?During the Chinese New Year, during the Chinese New Year, domestic brands did not stop the surprise delivery, there are still a lot of quality new exposure, this content we say li Ning side, Yu Shuai 14䨻 and a number of color exposure, full of surprise;Blitz 8 generation also ushered in several new colors, very handsome;Casual shoes side, to dog brother’s surprise is very much, without words, let’s have a look.First of all, There were several NBA games around the Spring Festival. As the top spokesperson of Li Ning, Butler wore several new Yu Shuai 14䨻, two of which were CNY theme color matching, and one was made according to Butler’s hometown color matching, which was very exciting.Let’s take a look at the CNY theme style first. The first one is a color matching inspired by “tiger symbol”. The shoes are low-top style, and the body theme is filled with black with green embellishment.The TPU on the side of the midsole is treated to create a jade effect. With the black upper, it has a special flavor.This color scheme has the attribute of night light, the upper pattern is very interesting, the shoe tongue position has a tiger element, the details are quite in place, the side of the Li Ning logo and the shoe head are decorated with gold, adding some luxurious atmosphere.Doggie likes the tPU on the midsole side best, which is quite well done.A simple popular science tiger symbol, this is a kind of ancient Chinese soldiers, with it has the ability to mobilize troops, it can be said that tiger symbol is a symbol of strength.And the Yu Shuai 14䨻 to tiger symbol as inspiration, to make the effect is also very good, this is not the first time Li Ning use tiger symbol as inspiration to do shoes, is also a kind of inheritance.The second color scheme is also CNY style, and its performance is similar to that of CJ1 generation’s Year of the Tiger. The shoes are combined with black and orange, and the details are dotted with white and red, presenting a very aggressive feeling, very aggressive, and the effect of Butler’s foot placement is also very satisfactory.There are a lot of tiger elements on the vamp of this matching color, with an orange base, tiger pattern elements added to the toe and side of the shoe. The shoe lining is filled with pink, a bit like the tiger’s tongue, and the front part of the tongue is white, like the belly of the tiger.The design of the heel position is very clever, here is a tiger tooth design, there are red details embellished above, very aggressive.The third color scheme is called “Texas”, which is the hometown of Butler, Texas, and cowboy. Actually, this color scheme has been exposed before, but there has been no follow-up news. Recently, several new images have been exposed, and the details are really rich and the texture is great.The shoes use brown body, feel is anti-suede material, a little fuzzy feeling.The line of the vamp is represented by a white hit line. The shoelace is also adjusted to be different from other matching colors. Three-color beads are added to the front of the shoelace, and the position of the heel of the shoe has the same design.The tongue of the shoe has its own logo, which is made up of a five-pointed star and a cow’s horn, with local characteristics.The heel also has its own logo. The TPU on the side of the middle sole is white, and the outer sole is solid rubber, which is better for wear resistance and grip, and more suitable for the overall color combination.This match color dog elder brother feels has the texture very much, the vamp does partial life changed some, but the actual combat performance still has the guarantee, can yet be regarded as a kind of new choice.The three matching colors have their own characteristics. The tiger color is very Chinese, the CNY color restores the characteristics of the tiger and is very aggressive, and the “hometown” color highlights the texture of the shoes. Yu Shuai 14䨻 is too expressive, I look forward to his subsequent performance.Stroke more than eight generations of color we look at the second paragraph shoes, stroke eight generation of word of mouth is too good, the shoes of the handsome appearance, also super strong performance, the color is particularly rich, get the recognition of consumers, recently, the Internet was exposed several new styles, are related to the New Year color, have a festive red, have pure and fresh style of hand-painted, and orange joint,Each has its own characteristics.Pure red design is very suitable for wearing in the New Year, in the upper and bottom lining are red, the side of the li ning logo with black color, add some details tiger stripes, tongue position “I”, “Yin” 2 words, particularly interesting insoles, one foot was written “2”, the other foot “tiger” the word write cursive script.The second color scheme is related to the New Year, relatively fresh, the upper with white backing, added a lot of hand-painted elements, the side of the Li Ning logo is hand-painted style, particularly interesting.Some details of the inner lining are dotted with light blue, and the TPU at the heel is also blue. The combination of white and blue is quite attractive.The third color should be co-branded with Disney, which is also for the Year of the Tiger. There is a tigger pattern on the tongue, which is the inspiration of this color. The upper is filled with orange, the lining, LACES and the toe of the heel are in dark red, and the Li Ning logo on the side and the TPU on the heel are black.There are a lot of details about the shoes, such as the tongue and the Logo of Li Ning here, which is expressed in the form of wool loops. It has a three-dimensional feeling. Brother Dog still likes this color scheme.In addition, there is a yellow style with logo on the tongue position, but I can’t see it very clearly. The details of this pair of shoes are also very good and have a feeling. I believe that these new colors of Blitz 8 generation will also be sought after by everyone.001 BTC Valentine’s Day finally, let’s look at li Ning’s casual shoes, although there is only one product, but the surprise is super much, this is a pair of shoes, he did not only I Pro heat so high, not 937 series fame so big, but he is also the rebirth of Li Ning classic style, his name is “001 BTC”,It’s been a while since WE met.”001 BTC” has several conventional color matching, rijindojin, Vibe white and green, tannin are very good, many details, especially suitable for daily matching, the key is that this pair of shoes cost performance is super high.But we’re not talking about these color schemes, they’re all too conventional.Over the years is the valentine’s day immediately, recently, Internet exposes a “valentine’s day” color “001 BTC”, and the usual style is different, the design of this subject is think of opportunely, limit is the valentine’s day and “Pinocchio” joint, the two things at first sight there is no contact, but after understand the intention of the designers, you will call “wow”.Let’s take a look at the shoes. Like other styles, the shoes adopt a low-top style. The vamp material is adjusted, the body is filled with light brown, details are outlined in dark brown, purple details are added to the inner lining and heel position, the midsole is light brown, and the color of the outsole is darker.The box is also specially made, with a Pinocchio image, and on the top is the words “I Dont Like You.” There is a Velcro element on the heel, and on the outside is a “I Dont Like You” sticker, and inside is a pink heart.The detail of the shoe is also super rich, vamp material, toe position feels is a kind of imitation wood grain material, texture is very good, heel position used a dark leather, there are a few lines above, look at texture is very good.The shoe also has a pendant, also made of wood grain, with Pinocchio’s image on it.Now, can you see the design of this shoe?When Pinocchio says a lie, and that lie is “I Don’t Like You,” and when Pinocchio tells a lie, his nose gets longer, which is very interesting, and it’s the opposite of the normal Valentine’s Day style, and it’s co-signed, which is very interesting.Well, recently li Ning’s new products are these, two basketball shoes, a casual shoes, dog brother think are very good, each has its own characteristics, we like which shoes?Please leave comments the day after tomorrow and discuss with Doggie.