It was so cold that the woman put the newborn rabbit into a basin and soaked it in hot water

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Rabbit hair is very warm, many clothes fur collar, if it is rabbit hair, the price increased several times.If the rabbit gave birth to a small white rabbit, winter, the small white rabbit will be cold to death?Recently, a woman’s white rabbit gave birth to ten rabbits, but the weather was so cold that the rabbits were frozen stiff and almost dead, so the woman took a bottle of warm water and put the rabbits all in the water, in order to let them warm their bodies, let them come to life, unexpectedly, but caused a hot discussion on the Internet.Is to all over the country is now winter, every place is not cold, the woman of the rabbit in the home ten recently gave birth to the small white rabbit, the weather is too cold, cold look small rabbits are dying, woman could not help but want to save them, and then used his quick wits to find a way to put some warm water in the basin, the ten little rabbits soak in warm water, hope they are able to warm,To come back to life.The woman shot the video to the network, did not expect to cause the hot discussion of the net friends, the net friends are basically ridicule woman, this method is to harm 10 small free son.Net friend: It’s hard to survive.The specific heat of water and air is different, so we feel hot at 30 degrees Celsius and cool at 30 degrees Celsius.You feel the water is warm with your hands and put the rabbit in, but it actually accelerates the loss of the baby rabbit’s body temperature.Even if the water temperature is higher than the rabbit’s body temperature, the skin exposed to the air is already wet, cooling faster, and the baby rabbit is probably frozen to death as a result.Net friend: buy an electric mat, mat put similar carton, box put hay and female rabbit hair hair, do not have long furry mat, electric blanket open 24 hours, basic carton temperature can maintain comfortable temperature.Net friend: put the oil in the pot, heat to the appropriate temperature, put the rabbit baby in, the heat preservation effect is the best!In fact, the rabbit this thing is very small courage, the mother rabbit gave birth to children before the family in the dark to pick their own body hair to do a warm nest.Some can add soft grass to keep warm.All one could do was put some food and water in it.Never go too close.Especially not with your hands to pick up the rabbit to play.They need to be shaded and hidden.They feel safe.If people play with bunnies and take pictures and all sorts of self-righteous actions.Female rabbits can catch people, or one night after the rabbit all dead or missing several.The reason is that the mother rabbit is frightened, that the child is threatened, life is not safe, people eat or bite the child to death.Isn’t it pathetic?It is also a kind of death rather than surrender, self-preservation.Therefore, when the mother rabbit gives birth to a child, the somebody else can be well prepared, without people to interfere.In a few days the mother rabbit will lead a group of young rabbits out to play.Never get too close.That would kill them.What they need most: to hide.To hide, to feel safe, to live normally.Do you think the woman can save ten rabbits by doing this?