BISU | Wang Miao: Sowing the flame of the Winter Olympics with High Standard Language Service

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The second edition of the Epidemic Prevention Manual for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has been released.”The handbook covers all the venues involved in the Winter Olympics, including arrivals and departures, transportation, accommodation, catering, competitions, opening and closing ceremonies,” said Wang Miao, a young teacher at the School of English at Beijing International Studies University, who is one of the translators of the handbook.I feel honored and responsible to participate in this work.”International conference remote simultaneous transmission, online conference interpretation, “Dongaotong” APP translation…Since September 2021, Wang Miao has been on secondment to the International Liaison Department of BoCOG.In the past five months, her work and life have always been around the “Winter Olympics” key words.With the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, Wang Miao is as busy and excited as ever. “I can’t slack off. The most critical moment is coming!”During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Wang Miao dreamed of becoming a volunteer as a student. However, he missed the opportunity because he went abroad for further study, thus an Olympic seed was planted in his heart.In 2015, When Beijing and Zhangjiakou bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, she waited in front of the computer, “THE moment I learned that the bid was successful, I was very excited and celebrated with my family”;During the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, she saw Chinese volunteers in the media.Until 2021, Wang Miao saw the recruitment notice issued by the university and volunteered to be seconded to the Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee as a language service worker, realizing her Olympic dream.”I am an Olympian.Our generation is lucky to have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the Winter Olympics.As a young teacher in a foreign language college, it is a great happiness to be able to apply what I have learned over the years to the language service of the Winter Olympics.Although this is the first time FOR me to participate in Olympic service work, I have a long relationship with the Olympics in my heart.I’ve been looking forward to this moment and preparing for it for a long time.”Wang miao said.On January 4th, Wang Miao, as one of the first staff members, worked in the language Service Office of the International Liaison Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG), mainly in charge of language service for the games.As a professional interpreter, her daily work is heavy, including conference interpretation, document translation, translation proofreading, subtitle translation, application translation, and communication with foreign olympics-related personnel.High-level language services are the “golden card” of high-quality Winter Olympics, and also the embodiment of the international image and competitiveness of the host country and the host city.In the intense preparation work for the Winter Olympic Games, temporary and urgent task demands emerge one after another, which puts forward higher requirements on the professional level and business ability of language service personnel.”Keep improving and devote herself wholeheartedly” is wang Miao’s requirement for her work.As usual, Wang Miao did everything she could to prepare for the fire drill at the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Wang miao is introduced, in the winter Olympics interpretation services work, often involves concierge, news, broadcasting, logistics, catering, identification, medical treatment, prevention, and many other fields, and the translator will face many face uncertain factors, such as impromptu speech, unknown, question and answer, translation of a lot of pressure, “the winter Olympics is the world’s attention, there cannot be any mistakes.Therefore, in translation tasks such as press conference of test match, observer meeting and communication work meeting, I will try my best to make full preparation for translation when time permits. I will make good use of the prepared part and prudently treat the unprepared part, and try my best to play the role of bridge promoting communication “.Wang Miao’s home is in Beijing’s Shunyi district.Before entering Closed-loop, she worked at boCOG headquarters and the main media center.It takes more than three hours to drive from Wang Miao’s home to the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics, and nearly two hours to the main media center.To avoid long commutes affecting work efficiency, Wang chooses to rent a hotel near his workplace.”With the commute out of the way, I can focus more on my work.I spend less time with my family. I can only spend time with my family on weekends when I am not working, but my family is very supportive of my work.”She said.According to reports, Wang Miao’s wife is also working in the winter Olympics front line, currently in yanqing winter Olympics competition area service.Wang Miao’s mother takes care of the family’s 1-year-old daughter.Before entering closed-loop management, Wang Miao bought clothes, shoes and hats for his family for the winter in advance, and taught his mother how to shop online, order food and take a taxi.Wang Miao said, “There will always be a time for family reunion, but the mission of the country must not be careless or slighted.Although we will not be able to celebrate Chinese New Year as a family this year, our hearts are more connected than ever.’Together for the Future’ is deeply embodied in our small family’s life of mutual love and support.”In more than six months of intensive work, wang miao summed up a set of their own work experience: translation of official documents to the utmost, volunteer training video will pop up, for the games propaganda film with foreign subtitles to beautiful language, translation athletes menu recipes to reflect Chinese cuisine culture characteristics, via “games” APP to be clear and concise translation…She said she would share her “practical tips” with her students when she returned to the lectern.”From the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the ‘Olympic seed’ in my heart has taken root and grown.I can predict that this experience will affect me for a long time. I hope to pass on my professional knowledge and Olympic spirit to my students.””If each of us is a flame for the Winter Olympics, the enthusiasm and dedication of countless people will be combined into an upward torch, so that more people will feel the baptism of the Olympic spirit and the warmth and power of the Beijing Winter Olympics,” Wang miao said.Beijing second foreign languages institute xiangyu east news correspondent | | China news agency released source in shan without permission Please do not reprint