50 a jin of peach apple, late ripe Aomori peach apple details

2022-05-06 0 By

Next, I will introduce you to the late ripening apple upstart, peach apple, with a rich and fragrant taste of apple, there are friends like planting welcome to comment area.Many people have never heard of peach apple, why it is called peach apple, is it peach or apple, it is easy to make people confused, simply put, with peach flavor apple, short for peach apple.Peach apple is a cross between a Fuji apple and wang Lin, fruit surface color yellow-green, mature in October in the Gregorian calendar, inherited wang Lin the characteristics of the taste of apple and Fuji apple resistance to transport, since its introduction, loved by the masses of friends, apple, as one of the varieties of fruit market sell like hot cakes, led to the peach apple in short supply situation.Peach apple is not as bright as Fuji apple yao people, yellowish fruit surface, full-bodied fragrance, make it has great superiority in the apple market, resistance to put storage, and ensure the market competitiveness, so peach apple is definitely worth a excellent varieties of development, the base to foster apple trees, peach varieties pure, dig to sell now now, high survival rate,Have the friend that likes planting can leave a message in the comment section.