Failing to check the health code as required, a pharmacy in Donghuan Street of Panyu district was suspended for rectification and registered

2022-05-05 0 By

Recently, a staff member of a pharmacy in Donghuan Street, Panyu District, was selling antiviral oral liquid (37 kinds of listed drugs) to a friend (not in the pharmacy). Because he was too familiar with it, he directly entered it into guangdong Wisdom Food and Drug system without checking the code, and the system suggested that the buyer was a person with yellow code.The drugstore was suspended for rectification and registered.After checking, the buyer’s mobile phone schedule was yellow code. He went to check and test on the same day, but the result was not found (the follow-up result was negative). The reason for the yellow code was that he was given a yellow code after going through Guangzhou South Railway Station on business trip.The drugstore violated the epidemic prevention and control regulations and was suspended for rectification by the Donghuan Street Market Supervision Institute.At the same time, the drug store also has mixed medical devices and non-medical devices, according to the relevant laws and regulations, has been registered.Donghuan Street market supervision office has notified the pharmacy wechat group of the incident, warning each pharmacy, no matter how familiar with the people, can not relax vigilance, according to the process of code scanning code, temperature measurement, ask the schedule, etc..In the next step, Donghuan Street Market Supervision Institute will continue to strengthen the management and training of pharmacies, focusing on learning the newly issued “Guangzhou Retail Drugstore sentinel Prevention and Control Guidelines” (the ninth edition).At the same time, we should increase publicity to the public, abide by the regulations of yellow code, red code and people with fever cannot enter the store, and play the role of “sentinel” pharmacies to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.Source: Donghuanxuan