Shijiazhuang 13th Dry Rest Center of Hebei Military Region organized the 2021 Annual Party Committee Work Summary commendation and Spring Festival Reunion

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Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Jan. 29 (Chinadaily.comf) — The 13th Rest Center for retired Cadres of the Hebei Military Command shijiazhuang held the 2021 Annual Party Committee work summary commendation and Spring Festival reunion meeting.We will thoroughly implement the spirit of the extended meeting of the Party Committees at the three levels of the National Defense Mobilization Department of the CMC, the Hebei Military Area Command and the Shijiazhuang Garrison Area Command, earnestly summarize the work of 2021, give commendations and awards, and carry out Spring Festival group worship activities and pre-holiday combat readiness education.The meeting was presided over by political commissar Du Jiajun, and 63 people participated in the meeting.Du Jiajun commissar for 2021 annual work summary report party committee meeting to convey learned of the central military commission in their national defense mobilization, military region, hebei province, shijiazhuang third party enlarged meeting spirit, Du Jiajun made on behalf of the party committee, the sheer steps forward, and the innovation, promote give up building toward a higher goal, work report,We will systematically review our work in 2021 from six aspects and make full arrangements for our work in 2022.Director Ren Xiaobo reported the 2021 annual expenditure of the dry rest institute, and read out the circular notice of commendation and reward.The leaders of the institute jointly awarded honorary certificates to the “Outstanding Communist Party members”, “Advanced Veteran Cadres”, “Four Outstanding Individuals”, “Excellent Workers” and “Advanced Individuals in Publicity and reporting” in 2021.Ren Xiaobo delivered a speech at the Spring Festival reunion meeting, looking back at the new achievements and new development achieved in the comprehensive construction of the rest house in the past year, and looking forward to the strength of the New Year’s construction and service guarantee of the rest house. He expressed his gratitude to the general old leaders and old aunts, and extended holiday greetings and heartfelt wishes to them.Finally, Du jiajun conducted war preparedness education.At the meeting, it is believed that 2021 marks the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the first year of the PLA’s 14th Five-year Plan, the year when the reform of military policies and systems will be implemented, and a truly extraordinary year in the course of the development of the PLA Training Center, which will face new tasks and more opportunities and challenges.Under the strong leadership of the PARTY Committee of the GARRISON Area, under the strong guidance of the higher-level organs and the joint efforts of all workers and workers, the Party Committee of the Garrison Area adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and Xi Jinping Thought on Building a Strong army.Around the things you are built according to the standard, according to the system to do, the people by the dry “basic train of thought, trying to grasp education series ideas,” team with team, promoting the implement grasp order tamping foundation, style, grasp the safety maintaining stability “, firmly flag cast soul, focusing on service guarantee, which is the ethos, up the steps, push in overcome difficult give up all-round construction of the new bureau, strong fruit,Highlights of the work include strict political education, enriching Party day activities, improving Party building, upgrading camp infrastructure, providing quality services, deepening law-based governance and training, tapping civilian potential, solid epidemic prevention and control, completing retirement handover, and diversified news and publicity, all of which are a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with outstanding achievements.2021 annual work summary commendation and task in the New Year meeting conference pointed out that over the past year, comrade aimed at first-class goal, work together, strive for competing in, major task to complete, service guarantee the implementation of strong, overcome difficult to overcome test, cannot leave the army thought scientific guidance, xi jinping, thanks to strong leadership of party committees at all levels,Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff.More strongly, it is necessary to grasp the enlightenment of the five aspects and actively prepare for the change of the situation and task, hold high the banner and maintain the core more firmly, improve the style and pure atmosphere more strongly, highly riring and vigorous, and strive to create a new situation of the development and transformation of high-quality service guarantee of the resort.For “outstanding communist party member” ChanWenChun, led by the “advanced” veteran cadres Li Zhenbin such outstanding individual award in 2022, is China’s set foot on the all-round construction of socialism modernization country, into the second goal in one hundred one of the most important years of the new campaign, one hundredth year goal is focused on implementation, the key to promoting the construction of national defense and military modernization,It is a year of great tests to meet the 20th CPC National Congress and to test the military’s foundation and ability to win.The meeting stressed that site, a new starting point of struggle in one hundred based on strong to forge ahead the new situation, the party committee to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, thoroughly implement the army thought, xi jinping, one hundredth year goals, focus on implementation resolutely implement the central military commission and the superior party committee decision deployment, closely around to meet, publicity, implement the party’s two big this main line,According to the working idea of “laying the foundation by relay, continuing to correct the atmosphere and comprehensively stepping up”, we keep in mind our original mission, continue to work hard and forge ahead, and promote the all-round construction and high-quality development of the rest institute.The staff of the institute will adhere to the persistence of the green mountains and the sober half of the journey, adhere to innovation, improve quality and efficiency, work hard, brave and resolute forward, with excellent results to meet the 20th victory of the Party!The meeting called for the right direction of quasi-transformation in 2022, focusing on the construction theme of “forging military spirit, strengthening organization, building mechanisms, providing excellent services, laying the foundation, and striving for the advanced”, and following the principle of “seizing the initiative, focusing on the main business, assuming the main responsibility, and initiating the main body”.Establish the shift change, practical implementation, from team to team, leading leading construction idea and “the relay on the ground, continuous positive atmosphere and comprehensive steps” construction goal, improve the working mechanism of comprehensive grasp building, prison service guarantee a solid foundation, condensed lasting power, which strove to be the first to implement unit construction “into the, into the merit”.At the end of the meeting, Du Jiajun combined the current situation and tasks and the actual situation, carried out the situation combat preparedness education, did the Spring Festival safety reminder, further unified thinking, strengthen the sense of crisis, focus on service guarantee.The conference ended with the sonorous and powerful song of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.(Du Jiajun, Wang Xiaodan, Wang Run) Source: National Defense Times Editor: twelve editor: Zhu Hai tonglian: National Defense Times news center