Shanghai Xujiahui Sports Park comprehensive pavilion trial operation on the first day of the New Year

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What will the Shanghai Xujiahui Sports Park complex look like?Shanghai’s Xujiahui Sports Park will start trial operation on February 1, the first day of the Year of the Tiger, to provide a new space for people to exercise and keep fit.On the afternoon of January 29, reporters from ( came to visit the camp.Xujiahui Sports Park Complex Pavilion, also known as “Wantihui”, is located in the southwest corner of Xujiahui Sports Park and is the only newly built pavilion in the park area.There are also many sports venues such as Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Gymnasium and Shanghai Natatorium in the park area.Xujiahui sports park on January 29th, Germany HPP construction firm ren qi told reporters, from the comprehensive pavilion “hui” is a linear building and architectural design of a total of two layer, for not to undermine the Shanghai sports landmark “two house an” overall appearance (stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool), “hui” two layer facilities are located in the ground,At the same time, supporting sunken basketball park, to solve the basement lighting, ventilation and other problems.Walking into Shanghai Sports Park from Caoxi Road, you will be greeted by the Wantihui Pavilion. The following pictures are taken by Li Jiawei, reporter of The Paper. The two floors of the Pavilion are located underground.The roof greening of the comprehensive pavilion “Wantihui” is integrated and connected with the greening system of the whole park. The first underground floor is set as the high-storey ball sports space, and the second underground floor is the ordinary storey, reserving large space to meet the needs of different sports events and light catering facilities in the future.Reporters saw at the scene, the first to put into trial operation of the site for the first floor of the complex and some outdoor venues.Specifically including indoor badminton court 33 pieces, table tennis table 30 pieces, tennis court 5 pieces (indoor 1 piece, outdoor 4 pieces), outdoor basketball court (full court 4 pieces, half court 8 pieces), and outdoor football field (7-a-side system 1 piece, five-a-side system 4 pieces).When can citizens exercise?The relevant person in charge of the venue introduced that during the trial operation period of the comprehensive hall, the opening time from February 1 to 15 is from 9:00 to 18:00, and the whole period is for public benefit.From February 16, the opening time will be extended from 8:00 to 20:00, and the original external price will be restored during the time interval.Further extension of opening hours will follow.For specific reservation and venue booking, the public can pay attention to the wechat of “Shanghai Sports” government affairs from now on, and can also make venue reservation in advance through the way of on-site appointment.As for the quarantine requirements for admission, the relevant official of the above venues said that before entering the venue, the public must show the “green code” for authentication and take their temperature.37.3℃, can enter.When there are medium and high risk areas in China, all personnel returning to or coming to Shanghai who enter the museum and relevant areas shall present a “negative” nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, and the sampling and testing place shall be Shanghai.In addition, when the number of people in the complex reaches a certain number, dynamic flow restriction will be implemented in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.One of the most well-equipped sports culture gathering areas in Shanghai, Xujiahui Sports Park is located in the core area of Shanghai, covering an area of 35.96 hectares with a building area of 250,000 square meters.The area includes Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Gymnasium, Shanghai Natatorium, East Asia Building, and the comprehensive hall “Wantihui” of Xujiahui Sports Park, which was first put into partial trial operation. After completion, Xujiahui Sports Park will become one of the sports culture gathering areas with the most complete facilities and equipment in Shanghai.From the point of view of transportation, “Wantihui” is connected with the east and west rails to Line 1, Shanghai Stadium Station of Line 4 and Shanghai Natatorium Station of Line 11. After exiting the station, you can walk along the signs to reach it.At the same time, the venue is close to caoxi Road bus hub, citizens can also choose a number of bus routes to arrive.At present, the underground parking lot of the stadium is still in the equipment debugging, so the parking condition is not available.Therefore, it is recommended that people go green at this stage. If they need to drive to the venue, there are lots of parking lots around the venue, and they can choose nearby parking lots.The reporter also noted that there are self-service lockers in many places in the comprehensive museum, and the public can choose to use them according to actual needs.The shower facilities of the venue are still in the process of improvement and debugging, and the relevant services cannot be provided during the trial operation period. After the official operation, the shower service will be provided for the citizens who come to the sports.As a key project of Shanghai sports reform and development, the reconstruction project of Xujiahui Sports Park has attracted much attention.The person in charge of the venue said that from planning and design to construction and renovation, the project has always given top priority to meeting the needs of citizens for fitness and creating a livable environment for people.Now, the basic construction of “Wantihui” and other facilities has been completed, after the completion of soft installation will be gradually opened to the outside world.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)