Abundance of spirit and abundance of soul

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Zhuang zi said, “Simplicity, and no world can compete with beauty.”The highest form of life is simplicity.The higher a person’s level, the more attention is paid to spiritual satisfaction, rather than material enjoyment.Material affluence is not true affluence and happiness, but inner affluence, that is to say, spiritual affluence, which makes life meaningful and brings happiness.”Spiritual abundance” refers to a person’s ideological ambition, great personality, noble moral character and a heart for the consideration of others. Spirit is a noun describing the internal phenomenon of intelligent animals. People’s understanding of the psychological consciousness of intelligent animals is a process of gradual demystification.Abundance within determines abundance without, and abundance within attracts abundance without.Inward is the beginning of abundance in life.A rich heart, a rich spirit, a comfortable life.You only have one life, so make your life so powerful that nothing can bring you down. Only in this way can you realize your potential and create something extraordinary out of an ordinary life.Born in a land of propriety, be a polite person.Polite people will behave, have popularity, many friends.Polite people do things, care about image, are educated, don’t make enemies, and are successful.Enjoy your work.There is no end to learning.Hard-working day, can have a night’s sleep;Hard-working life, can be happy to sleep forever.Always store a thousand miles of ambition in your heart.To dream hard work, looking back, you will find that those suffering, but later became the wealth of your life.The future is in our own hands, hard work has nothing to look forward to.When work is a pleasure, life is a joy.The world is difficult to do easy, the world is small.Set up the correct career outlook, outlook on life, values, do not avoid difficulties, problems in time to correct, find the fun in the work, treat the work wholeheartedly.To do a good job is not only to finish the existing work, but also to do a good job, and do good to the future development of the work or promote the role, so that they have beyond the post required professional skills and professional quality.Love work, devote oneself to career, in this process, restrain selfishness, cultivate personality, at the same time accumulate experience, improve ability.In this way, we can gain the trust and respect of people around us.Contentment is happiness.Lao Tzu said: “contentment is not disgrace, knowledge is not dangerous”, this is the mentality of ordinary people, not what big rich big expensive, just a happy family, parents health, children kindness, although this life is dull, but there are still many people yearn for.Mentally strong people, regardless of any encounter, the heart should take a calm before the storm, brave face.He who is truly contented in his heart will have all happiness.Perseverance and courage, is to experience life after the repair fully.No ups and downs are not called fate, no wind and waves are not called life.If you want to be a better version of yourself, you need to see more of the world, meet more wonderful people, and learn more knowledge. You don’t need too much praise.Committee heart ren yun, do not lose its for me.A contented mind is a source of happiness.Everything can not be too fine, too fine no way;Don’t be too harsh, too harsh for a friend.Know how to yield, to show the atmosphere;He who knows tolerance is magnanimous.Be a person with inner sunshine, not sad, not impatient, strong, upward, close to the sun, become a better yourself, do not need too much praise from others, you know you are good, the inner strength, always better than the appearance of vanity.Curb your desire.The greatest wealth of man is that all sentient beings without desire come for profit, rise and fall for profit.The perfection of personality is this, the establishment of wealth is the end.Focusing too much on gains and losses will only lead to narrowness and resentment, which will only lead to anger.Noble soul is not born, but in life bit by bit, slowly come to understand.The pursuit of “wealth” can not only pursue material wealth, especially after the basic material needs can be satisfied, the pursuit of a strong heart, rich spirit is the most important.Mentally rich people are able to be happy without too much interference from the outside world and live a full and meaningful life whether or not they are alone.They can live in poverty as well as prosperity, regardless of their actual economic level, be humble in their dealings with others, and have good will towards the world.Greed is the enemy of moral cultivation.Self-respect, not greedy of money, lust, greed;Respect people, attach importance to personality, labor and rights and interests;Handle affairs steadily, stress principle, stress procedure, stress efficiency.Integrity and honesty are essential to a good life.Heart ruler rules line is not disorderly, line is, sit end, do not lack backbone, many ambition;Less desire, less scheming, more of the soul for its own pleasure.Author: Dong Xiaolong Editor: Wang Chenwei Editor: Zheng Libo Editor: Yao Qiming