The 60-year-old aunt filled the castle with 3,000 plants, and even filled the blank space with plants

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In the circle of flowers and plants, the most heard, the most discussed, in fact, is in the lifetime, can have a yard of their own, not too big, as long as they can grow flowers and grass, dressed up green grass, fragrance overflowing, can beautify the environment, but also edify sentiment.In such a yard, no matter have a rest or family gathering, no matter drink tea and read books, or play with family, children in the yard, it is very beautiful to think.But there was a woman painter who had a big castle, and she had a very big garden, but it wasn’t enough. She moved the whole garden into the castle.Such “crazy” moves can only be explained by a love of flowers.Claire Basler is a French female painter. She has been painting flowers and trees all her life. Many of her peers told her that she had to draw abstract paintings to be successful, but she was obsessed with flowers and trees.Through their own brush, the interpretation of flowers and trees to life.Anyone who has seen her works will feel that her paintings are the embodiment of the relationship between human beings and flowers, trees and even nature.The female painter who was born in 1960, has passed its reach, but the flowers, trees, love is still unabated, as in previous years, already can’t satisfy her in his studio, and love took out all his life savings, Vichy in the suburbs of Paris town bought an abandoned castle, the castle was built in the 18th century.It’s called Chteau de Beauvoir, which translates to Beauvoir Castle.The long abandoned castle from the roof repair, to all of the laying of water and electricity, and the rearranging of the garden, inside the home decoration and so on, is she and her husband both hands-on, every corner is all kinds of plants and her own painting, such a beautiful castle garden slowly displayed in front of the world.In the beginning, the modification of the castle, Claire and her husband have a clear division of labor, the husband is responsible for the repair of the castle, including carpenters, electricians, blacksmith, garden and so on a series of menial jobs, to fill the flowers and Claire is responsible for after repair of the castle, but the walls and roof as a canvas, drew down the seen all year long.The castle can be seen everywhere in the green plants and flowers and frescoes, simply can not distinguish where is the end of the flower, where is the flower to undertake the beginning.Claire once said, “If I can’t be in nature all the time, I will move nature back home.”It was at 60 that she finally realized her wish.Every room in the castle is an independent garden, whether it is kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study, or living room, there are different flowers and frescoes of flowers, really do breathe with flowers, flowers as friends, and paintings as friends.Perhaps, only flowers and plants can inspire her creation by nature. An artist who only paints flowers and trees all her life can set up an easel in the living room, bedroom or anywhere else in the house at will, and let nature appear in front of her with a few strokes.Of course, she had her own studio, and I think painting in a studio full of plants and flowers is like a fairy tale or a dream.Flowers sway gently in the breeze and the mottled balcony spills.Through the window, slightly look up is the blue sky and white clouds, blue sky, lower your head, bright flowers in the mottled sunshine gently shake, this is the creative space you want.Painting, growing flowers and living in this ancient castle, only she and her husband enjoy the sunrise and sunset every day, tightly embrace with nature.Enter the castle, just like into the depths of the forest, the real green plant flowers and plants trees, and her own painting paintings, simply can’t distinguish, walls, roof, screen and so on, are elegantly floral paintings, in her life, estimates are flowers and plants, love flowers in the “crazy”, the castle garden, do you love?