I am on duty for Spring Festival!This is a New Year’s blessing from zouping health

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Please check the Spring Festival greetings from zouping health line!Bearing in mind the mission of supervision, people returning home to visit relatives are returning to Zou one after another, increasing the pressure of epidemic prevention and control, And Han Miaomiao, Zouping Comprehensive Health law enforcement Team, is responsible for the supervision of epidemic prevention and control in private medical institutions.She gave full play to her professional advantages, and continued to carry out the supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control in private medical institutions with her colleagues in the department, tightening the “safety valve” of epidemic prevention and control in private medical institutions, and maintaining the “safety line”!”I would like to contribute to the health supervision for the city’s people to have a healthy, safe and peaceful Spring Festival,” she said. “I wish everyone a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.”Zouping CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention has been working hard to meet the needs of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and give full play to the role of nucleic acid testing laboratories. They are inspectors from zouping Center for Disease Control and Prevention.Such a group of fearless examiners, they are closest to the virus, but without fear of risk, do not say grievance.Lu Wenshuo is one of them, her hometown in other places, in response to work arrangements left in the laboratory, with his comrades to complete the nucleic acid detection task.In the New Year, Lu Wenshuo hopes to welcome the hope together with you, wish the world no epidemic, people are healthy!The greatest value of being a doctor is to be needed, and the doctor should be where the patient is.Zouping People’s Hospital has always adhered to the work philosophy of both prevention and control of COVID-19 and ensuring normal medical treatment of the masses, and made all-out efforts for every citizen in need all year round.As the representative of outstanding young doctors, Wang Ping hopes to help the people of the city through a safe and peaceful Spring Festival with the joint adherence of medical care.She wishes everyone a happy New Year!Healthy and safe!Strong traditional Chinese medicine service, protect the health of the masses when the Spring Festival family reunion, “this peace of mind is my hometown” is zouping City Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine massage department director Qi Ping the most true portrayal.She said, as long as you live up to your original intention to be a doctor, you will be equally happy wherever you celebrate the festival.The healer has a kind heart and great love, which is the traditional virtue of traditional Chinese medicine people inherits for thousands of years. We will protect the people of the whole city to have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival with our exquisite medical skills and warm service.In the New Year, I wish you all every success and a happy and healthy family!At the time of reunion, some people are rushing about on the way home, and some people are enjoying the happy time with their families.Of course, there are those who stick to their jobs for all this peace and beauty.Zouping downtown hospital fever clinic doctor Sun Shuna, nurse Li Jin stick to the post in the fever clinic, deal with every detail in the work, carefully check registration data, do a good job of disinfection, build a solid defense line of epidemic prevention and control, with practical action for the city’s people to send New Year’s blessing.In order to protect the health of pregnant mothers during the Spring Festival, Dr. Zhang Xiului is wearing a remote fetal heart monitor for pregnant mothers at the Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital in Zouping city.She said: with the remote fetal heart monitoring guardian, pregnant mothers can monitor the fetus in real time at home, listen to the baby’s voice at any time, make up for the baby’s Spring Festival monitoring gap, effectively avoid fetal risk, to ensure the safety of mother and baby.Our obstetrics staff during the Spring Festival will always stick to the post, so that every pregnant mother can spend a peace of mind, rest assured, comfortable Spring Festival!Since the outbreak of the first epidemic, Zouping Mental Health Center has strengthened the daily management of the ward, prohibited visitors, strictly implemented the management system of fully closed wards, adhered to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and worked as the gatekeeper of residents’ health.In March last year, the expansion project of the central ward building was completed and the makeshift ward was officially put into use.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, psychiatrist Geng Yongzhi is on duty in this spacious and bright ward area. I wish you all peace, joy, mental health and constant happiness.Guard the first line of defense will come year end, overseas returnees have increased, the domestic up COVID – 19 local outbreaks, as the epidemic prevention and control of frontier zouping county traditional Chinese medicine isolation observation points, uphold the control and prevention is not lax, beliefs, to have the New Year peace strict quarantine regulations, partition management, real-time monitoring, timing, sanitizers,Health monitoring and life safety of quarantined people will be carried out comprehensively.As one of them, Yang Gege, a medical worker at the quarantine point, hopes that with everyone’s joint efforts, the epidemic will end soon and everyone will be reunited with their families next Spring Festival!As the Spring Festival approaches, Bi Linlin, director of the Vaccination Clinic of Linchi Central Health Center, is still sticking to the front line of COVID-19 vaccination, in order to build an immunization barrier for the whole population as soon as possible and protect people’s health.In the New Year, she hopes that everyone can finish the whole process of COVID-19 vaccine and strengthen vaccination as soon as possible. She also hopes that the epidemic can end at an early date, and wishes the motherland good weather, prosperity and people’s safety.Give good outpost, whole-hearted service Spring Festival approaching, outside the school in succession, migrant workers return to zou, need nucleic acid testing personnel also gradually increased, Diane creek street community health service center in zouping, nucleic acid sample point lee Wendy to as “applicants should do inspection” “key areas to return zou” personnel of nucleic acid sample work, for the city’s people’s contribution to a healthy happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Li Shuting and her colleagues, I wish you all “Tiger” star, “tiger” full of gas!On the arrival of the Spring Festival, the family doctor team of Haosheng Street Community Health Service Center visited the homes of contracted special groups such as hypertension and diabetes.A team of family doctors, armed with medical equipment, carefully examined the residents’ physical conditions, measured their blood pressure and blood sugar, and guided them to enjoy a healthy and happy Spring Festival.In their view, doctors’ mission is to “honor life and dedication”, which means to accompany and protect patients.They said that the Spring Festival holiday is coming, and they would like to bring physical and mental health to patients with modest strength!In advance, I wish the year of the Tiger universiade, peaceful and safe kang!Health over the year, epidemic prevention is not slacken.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn