Fujian property market in January and February soil beat overview: cold rain in the face of their own to beat

2022-05-03 0 By

Before the end of the year and the beginning of the year are soil shot intensive period, both to seize the official also want to start off.However, since the beginning of this year, the local auction continued at the end of last year, with a small number, few sessions and a low premium rate. The developers who could not guarantee themselves have little enthusiasm, and local state-owned enterprises are basically in the bottom, so it is meaningless to auction at any price.Since few announcements were issued in January and February, there were not many local auctions in March, which saved me a lot of work.March 16th will be a busy day. There will be four land auctions in fuzhou’s four urban districts, Mawei District, Minhou County and Anxi County on that day (if not suspended). Among them, the mapai village plot in Shangcheng Town of Minhou County, which failed to be auctioned on December 15th last year, has been reduced from 1.602 billion yuan to 1.53 billion yuan.Now that the price has come down a bit, welcome xiamen state-owned enterprises to take it again.There is no doubt that this year the first indicator is the fuzhou city of fujian land market concentration by, this time granting land quantity greatly reduced compared with the same period in previous years, in the case of this has been reduced to shoot a few (except the city’s soe out), believe that other cities are also waiting on the sidelines, if the fixed capital city, I’m afraid other areas difficult to beat.Quanzhou this two months since the earth is one of the most active dehua county, on February 17, dehua urban construction took home the homestead of dehua wanda beside, then will send announcement on March 31 to shoot a ceramic electric business logistics park of one hundred mu of residential and commercial land, including PeiJian of much of the hotel, office, commercial after completion inspection and acceptance of self sustaining five years to sell.Although the floor price of the initial auction is less than 1000 yuan, BUT I am afraid that local state-owned enterprises will continue to take the probability, dehua city east, south of the new housing is enough to see if the local people can digest.Anxi County on February 16, the town of Xi Ping was auctioned off a mini plot, by individual buyers to take the bottom price, which is nothing to say.March 16 to shoot is the county south of the Road in the area of a 70 acres of homestead, more partial place, the price limit to 12075 yuan/square meters.But like Dehua, these houses are digested by local people, and some people who are determined to take money to buy them, but outsiders won’t go to take them anyway.In addition, the recent news is jinjiang city held a land invitation, to promote 26 parcels of land, the participation of foreign housing enterprises mostly for the central enterprises.In the past, like to open this kind of investment promotion meeting is Xiamen, but from last year’s soil patting situation, do not see the actual effect can have much good, cost-effective land people will want, otherwise it can only be cold rain in the face, local state-owned enterprises hard scalp patting back.Now that know the real estate has become a hot s history, then in addition to other cities can sell a few look at fuzhou soil as a reference, I also hope to fuzhou urban villages demolition to slow down, you can put the three far suggest first to see when the time comes first to plot can pat it off, if nobody take to split out, demolition and what is necessary.