Du Feng fell from the sky, Hongyuan official xuan 32 zhanshen return, Guo Allen is not good

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At 6 PM, Du Feng a heaven sent fortune, tigers officer xuan 32 points of return, pg is the cba season in the second stage has come to an end, then the league play the last game in the second stage, each team played the last game, will enter into the state of the holiday, years later the desire to have title team, basic and it will be completed in issue 3,So this is enough to see, for this season has a championship ambition of the club, in fact, Guangdong and Liaoning are the overall strength of the most outstanding teams.As for the comparison between the two teams in Guangdong and Liaoning this season, perhaps most fans are more optimistic about Liaoning team winning the championship, because Liaoning team’s overall lineup framework is more stable and complete, and the overall performance of the team is relatively stable.However, his performance of Guangdong team fluctuated to the second stage of the season, like a roller coaster, and even suffered two consecutive defeats. Such a fluctuating performance really disappointed many fans.Everyone thinks this season unstable guangdong team, is likely to pull down, then the fact that guangdong team this season he has the chance to steal the championship from liaoning team hands?In fact, we can find the answer to this point, is to find out why the two consecutive defeats of Guangdong team in the early stage caused the fluctuations in the team’s results. As long as we can find the real reasons and solve this problem, guangdong team will be able to regain the strength to win the championship.I try to look at the, the first reason is guangdong line-up incomplete, and single foreign aid, some time ago due to lack of Zhao Rui the core, combined with only a single foreign aid, making the team personnel serious lack of rotation, so the achievement of guangdong fluctuations, but the recent as, more to the team, made the team’s slow right now, wait until late Zhao Rui and weems,It is also after the return of injury, the team’s fighting capacity will be comprehensively upgraded, the first problem has been solved.Then the second question, is the previous seasons, with a stable output of several players, in the cliffs type fall form this season, especially there is a person of his state of decline, make the team score at the end of the season, severe fluctuated one of the main fuse, is the last season’s NBA finals MVP Hu Mingxuan,Hu Mingxuan there is no denying the past four seasons, he in every season shows a rising trend, but came to this season, but he compared to last season, personal averaged data for the fall of a cliff type, Hu Mingxuan last season, he averaged playing time is actually only 25 minutes, but his personal contribution value is very high,And this season he’s averaging time Du Feng gave him five more minutes, close to 30 minutes, but his personal contribution value, did a lot of smaller than last season, averaging individual scoring down a lot of data, and the shooting is in decline, it is enough to see Hu Mingxuan his performance, and makes the whole of guangdong results appeared the larger one.Hu Mingxuan downturn, then, is actually throughout the league, starting from the first round of the regular season until now, the whole is the constant ups and downs, and we all know Hu Mingxuan is mainly affected by the early start of the season, after he signed a foreign sports brand, let his personal did a lot of pressure, this makes the Hu Mingxuan, personal status at the end of the season,It did make a big difference.But at 6 o ‘clock yesterday afternoon, we also received an unexpected piece of good news in the match. Hu Mingxuan, guangdong’s super zhanshen, who scored 32 points in a single game in the Chinese Basketball Association, also announced his return as a champion. He played 43 minutes at Sichuan Sichuan.Scored 29 points, 5 rebounds and eight assists the perfect data, then can say such a perfect set of data, was back to the former king of the wind, back to last season, with the finals MVP of that kind of feeling, as long as Hu Mingxuan can find the former high performance, plus the late, weems Zhao Rui and returned to the team,Then this team with Lido join, firepower comprehensive upgrade, until the final period, again liaoning team when they have the absolute right to speak.And we all know, regarding the pg Zhao Jiwei, their psychological pressure will be bigger, after Hu Mingxuan strong play, has greatly limited the pg and Zhao Jiwei, now Hu Mingxuan again back to the state, there is no doubt that pg and Zhao Jiwei, their psychological burden will be bigger, Hu Mingxuan this point a full-blown, for pg,He wanted to compete for this season, the MVP of the regular season and the finals brought great psychological pressure due to personal honor, and Liaoning team, they want to win the second championship in the history of the team, undoubtedly brought a great resistance. Therefore, this season with the full recovery of Guangdong Team,Let the trend of the final championship of this season has a larger reversal.