What does the “I” at the beginning of iPhone stand for?

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Click the blue word to pay attention to “language zhai translation” Shanghai language Zhai translation, intimate service at all times!The iPhone is arguably the most successful product in the world.IMac, iWatch, iPod, iPad, iTV…Apple has made the letter “I” into the world’s most famous word prefix.Then why is it preceded by the letter “I” instead of “X”, “Y”, “Z”, etc?Look at apple’s official website of apple fan community, have been asked this question: let’s look at top of answer: translation above the red box of answer: as early as when apple released the first computer, has announced the letter I represents the Internet, at the same time, it is difficult to connect to the Internet, computer and apple iMac is considered very easy to implement.”There’s no step 3″ is an advertisement for apple’s first iMac, which says “It’s easy to connect to the Internet. Two steps are enough.”But that doesn’t seem to be a complete answer.It took a treasure trove of video from jobs’ 1998 launch of the iMac to figure out what the letter “I” all meant.Excerpt:”IMac comes from the marriage of the excitement of the Internet with the simplicity of Macintosh. We are hoping to helpOur customers get on the Internet simply and fast.”We want to help our customers connect to the Internet easily and quickly.”The marriage of…The and…The sentence pattern is used brilliantly.The literal meaning is “…And…This miracle treatment is the marriage of Chinese medicine and Western medicine. This miracle treatment is a combination of Chinese and Western medicine.During his presentation, Jobs played out this powerpoint slide explaining what the “I” in the iMac meant:In addition to Internet, “I” also refer to individual, instruct, inform and inspire.C. instruct D. instructâ‘¢ Inform means “inform, provide information”, indicating that Apple products are the property of information terminal;C. inspire D. inspireBe inspired “and show that Apple products can be a powerful productivity tool.Jobs distilled these memes into a simple “I,” which he instilled in the iMac and later in other “I” products.We found that whether it was iMac, iPhone, iWatch, iPod, iPad, iTV…It’s a true inheritance of apple’s “I” meme.It’s no accident that Apple is the world’s most valuable company and that it is today.Capital can keep a company alive, but culture can keep a company going.Shanghai Yizhai translation company is willing to share academic and multi-industry content with you to make your career leap forward.If you have any questions or translation needs, please feel free to contact us