See you in May!

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Kuixing Pavilion, a landmark of Lingnan culture in Guicheng, Foshan, will undergo a two-month renovation from Next Wednesday. The pavilion will be closed to the public during the construction period, and is expected to reopen to the public in May.Kuixing Pavilion repair project construction notice to the general public friends: due to the erosion of Kuixing Pavilion by wind and rain, some wooden railings, doors and Windows, benches and chairs and landscape structures have been seriously damaged, there are security risks, thus affecting the safety of the activities of the general public.In order to create a more beautiful and leisure cultural activity space for the majority of citizens, kuixing Pavilion needs comprehensive repair.The planned construction period of the project is from February 16, 2022 to April 30, 2022.In order to ensure your travel and life safety, we hereby inform you of the relevant safety precautions, please cooperate and understand the general public.1. In order to avoid mechanical injury, falling objects from high altitude and high voltage wounding accidents, the project will be completely closed, and no one can enter the construction site without permission.2. Please take good care of all kinds of safety signs and facilities along the construction line.Work together to ensure the smooth progress of the project.3. Due to the high risk of the construction site, it is not open to the public during the construction period.Please support the repair work of this project. Today’s inconvenience is for tomorrow’s convenience.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.Guangxi City Administration Office stands on February 11, 2022.Kuixing Pavilion stands at the top of the hill?Mountain peak qiandeng Lake axis high point kuixing Pavilion a total of 7 floors, 60 meters high is a very attractive landscape map/Guicheng street propaganda culture, sports and tourism office cornices, hanging with wind chimes around access, layers of open photo/Wang Wei family board?Post to the top of the hill overlooking the city at kuixing pavilion lake mountain scenery, panoramic view of high-rise buildings/Wang Weijia setting sun, sunset as kuixing pavilion a golden cloak present a unique poetic and romantic/taken zhi-guang Chen/wang wei possessions taken nightfall thousand lamp lake light overlap, colorful with kuixing cabinet stand under the stars and night lights/taken hym taken/song, wingceltis taken/songTan photo/Song Zi Tan map/Guicheng street propaganda culture, sports and tourism office Kuixing Pavilion, in May to meet together to look forward to its new return foshan published editorial source: Nanhai Guicheng, Edited by: Chen Zifei, Mei Yushan supervisor: Huang Chucheng