Enhance enterprise safety management “hematopoietic” ability!Qiannan prefecture actively build local dangerous chemicals expert team

2022-05-02 0 By

In recent years, with the continuous development of chemical industry, the lack of professional coverage of chemical experts has become increasingly prominent.Qiannan prefecture has trained a group of local hazardous chemicals experts through the selection of local experts, the establishment of mentoring mechanism, online and offline training and other ways, and effectively improved the “hematopoietic” ability of enterprise safety production management.Qiannan through independent application, and recommend ways, from large state-owned enterprises, research institutes and a chemical process selection in better management of large-scale chemical enterprise and other professional and technical personnel, in accordance with the principle of complete coverage of professional distribution of local experts team, solve the problem of insufficient regulators technology power at the grass-roots level, establish enterprise safety production management for the whole framework,To better guide and service enterprises.At present, 42 professional and technical personnel have been selected and 2 expert teams have been set up.Is used in qiannan hire experts to guide service inspections, conduct exchanges between enterprises inspection way, such as docking panel, through to the old with the new, in practice teaching of safety management methods and techniques, and drive the frontline positions actively took part in safety management, strengthening local experts team safety regulation ability, promote enterprise’s safety management level.At the same time, local experts were organized to carry out cross-examination at city (prefecture) and county level and exchange and study in other places, so as to comprehensively enlarge the effect of guidance services and significantly improve the supervision level of dangerous industries in the whole prefecture.In addition, Qiannan prefecture invited experts with rich practical experience to carry out business training.Through the online platform of “Transforming risk into safety” of China Chemical Safety Association, enterprises are organized to learn online courses such as major hazard management, operation procedure compilation and double prevention mechanism construction, and pilot enterprises of safety training space are established offline to carry out business guidance and training, so as to effectively improve the ability of enterprises to implement the main responsibility of production safety.Guizhou daily sky eye news reporter Huang Jun first trial editor Bi Wenjun second trial editor Li Bing editor Wu Wenxian