Yang Zhaobo, internal staff of the Think tank, Xinhua News Agency: Sima Qian’s son-in-law Yang Chang and his wife protected and collected Records of the Grand Historian

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It is said that the Yang clan has many heroes and heroines, the Yang family will not have to say there.But in history, Sima Qian’s son-in-law, Yang Chang, was an honest official.Yang Chang was the great-grandson of Yang Xi, a military general during the founding of the Western Han Dynasty. Yang Xi was appointed Marquis of Chiquan for robbing xiang Yu’s body.Yang Xi was named Marquis of Chiquan for his meritorious service.Sima Qian thought Yang Chang was a good man, so he married his daughter to him.When Sima Qian goes to prison, the wife plans to take three children to go together, but this daughter feels her husband’s home is also powerful, stay in Yang’s home is also relatively safe, stay in Yang’s home.Later, Sima Qian wrote records of the Grand Historian, and Yang Chang and his wife decided to send it to huayin, their hometown for collection.This is the true meaning of the “famous Mountain in Tibet” mentioned by Sima Qian in “Records of the Grand Historian · Self-Introduction of Tai Shi Gong”.It was the actions of Yang Chang and his wife that made China’s first biographical history book.Yang Chang, the son-in-law of the historian Sima Qian, was prudent and honest.Yang Chang, a native of Huayin, Shaanxi province, served as the prime minister during the Reign of Emperor Zhao of the Han Dynasty.His great-grandfather Yang Xi was the founder of the Western Han Dynasty.As a son of a marquis, Yang Chang was not arrogant and talented, so Sima Qian took a fancy to him and married his daughter to him.Of course, Yang Chang’s life is also relatively beautiful, and all these are the credit of Huo Guang.Died in 74 BC, the han emperor, the succession of nearbu Wang Liuhe acting insane, huo guang emperor wanted to abolish the prince he of changyi, Yang Chang timid character, have been hesitant, in his wife’s (sima qian’s daughter) suggested to participate in the action of prince he of changyi deposed, and huo guang signed please shangguan played the queen mother, has made the followers in han liu disease.However, Yang Chang was very timid. Because of this incident, Yang Chang was always in panic and became seriously ill. He died in the same year with the postharvest name Jing.A villager in Yaxi town, Gaochun District, Nanjing has 42 family trees, spanning nearly 3,000 years of history, in his home.We are surprised by the value, number and time line of these 42 family trees, which completely record the continuation of Yang’s branch from the western Zhou Dynasty.Yang Chang, sima Qian’s son-in-law, was mentioned in particular. In the long history, Yang’s family had many famous people.The record says, “Yang Chang, the 19th generation of The Yang family, was said to be sima Qian’s son-in-law and very talented.”