What major does Jingmen high have

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Jingmen Vocational High School: electronic information, decoration design, special animal breeding, accounting, NUMERICAL control technology, subway transportation management and other majors.Jingmen Vocational High school covers an area of 603 mu, with a building area of 169,000 square meters. It has perfect experimental practice teaching conditions, basic network and multimedia teaching platform, professional teaching resources and a library of 170,000 volumes, which can fully meet the needs of the vast number of students to study and live.1. The major of Electronic information is mainly to study electronic information control and information processing with modern technology such as computer, study information acquisition and processing, and design, development, application and integration of electronic equipment and information system.Electronic information engineering major is to learn basic circuit knowledge, and master the method of processing information with computers.The first is to have a solid knowledge of mathematics, the requirements of physics is also very high, and mainly electricity;To learn a lot of circuit knowledge, electronic technology, signals and systems, computer control principle, communication principle and other basic courses.2. Decoration design is a major that trains students to be competent in designing and planning for advertising companies, printing companies, communication companies, exhibition companies, newspapers and periodicals, and enterprises and institutions.Professional courses: Sketch, Color, font and logo design, basic layout design, graphic design, composition principle, decoration foundation, graphic advertising design, display design, books and samples, computer Art aided design, etc.3, Special animal breeding belongs to the animal husbandry major, training talents to master the basic knowledge of special animal anatomy and physiology, feed nutrition, feeding management, disease prevention and treatment.Core courses: General zoology, animal nutrition and feed, animal genetics and Breeding, Introduction to Veterinary medicine, livestock and poultry production, special poultry production, fur animal breeding, medical animal breeding, etc.