Primary and secondary schools across the city will start registering for the spring semester tomorrow

2022-05-01 0 By

The city’s education bureau requires schools to do a good job in the normal epidemic prevention work report (reporter Chen Juan) this spring semester of the city’s primary and secondary schools will be registered on February 20, February 21 classes.Yesterday, the municipal Education Bureau made arrangements for the opening of the school, requiring all schools to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control work regularly, prepare for the opening of the school, in-depth education.Around the city bureau of education, the schools to improve the political stance, fully understand the importance of epidemic prevention and control work completes the education system, insisting on epidemic prevention and control measures, to ensure that the leadership system, emergency response mechanism, epidemic prevention and control command system run efficiently, compaction the responsibility, to carry out the “four early” requirement, strengthen epidemic prevention and control of deployment, guide and supervise,We will coordinate epidemic prevention and control and education reform and development.According to the requirement of “not missing one person”, the health and travel track of each staff, students and their co-living staff should be fully mapped and accurately mastered, and the health management of teachers, students and staff should be implemented according to the classification, so as to firmly guard the position of epidemic prevention and control of the school, and ensure the safety and health of teachers and students.In terms of school preparation, all schools should be in place in accordance with the requirements of leadership, security and inspection, and strictly grasp the preparation work.Comprehensively check the conditions of school opening, do a good job in the investigation and identification of school safety hazards, ensure that teaching, living facilities and equipment, food, accommodation, water and electricity and other logistical support in place, to create conditions for a normal and orderly opening.According to the plan, all schools should carry out further education after the new term begins.We should intensify the publicity and interpretation of the Law on the Promotion of Family Education, carry out extensive family education-themed activities, keep closer ties between families and schools, and guide parents to enhance their awareness of “raising children in accordance with the law” and fulfill their primary responsibility for family education.We should take the new semester as an opportunity to seriously organize the first lesson and speech under the National Flag, and carry out patriotism education, epidemic prevention and control education, mental health education, myopia prevention and control, drowning education, traffic and fire safety education, food safety education, school bullying and telecom fraud education and other activities.Spring semester is a high dropout period, after the registration of the school, every school should keep track of the situation of students returning to school in real time every day, especially to pay attention to the winter vacation “everyone visit” there are signs of dropping out of the students.Local governments and schools should focus on poverty alleviation by filing documents, and continue to do a good job in controlling dropout rates and ensuring school attendance.