Hu one day new play official announced file!Actress has been nominated for best actress, guest cast is expected

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For the impression of Hu Yiyi, people may think of the “Flower” in “Pride” or the “Jiang Chen” in “To Our Simple Little Beauty”, but no matter which role hu Yiyi plays, he feels fresh, unique and handsome. Although he has not been trained as a professional actor,But Hu one day with their own advantages perfectly explain what is called “male god nature”.Recently, hu Yanyi’s new drama Hello Sharpshooter has been officially announced. The official caption reads: “Don’t waste every drop of sweat on the training field, and don’t give up every challenge on the road of competition!Be passionate and never give up!”The show will be exclusively available on the Internet from Feb 2.In addition to the official XuanDing file time, the cast had @ to all staffs, XingFei, Ma Sichao, Luo Qiuyun, NiuChao, LuQi starring also appeared in the official mission a caption, starring in addition to these people, and especially in and guest starred in, see the list of actors, many people are looking forward to the show.Except male master hu day for tying XingFei also interested, in 2015 to participate in the variety show on hunan TV documentary “first-year university season” and concern, then XingFei and partner wu lei comedy movies make the east China sea, in the various types of TV series, which are mainly composed of campus idol drama, through the power of these TV dramas,Xing fei’s acting skills also became more and more solid until 2018, when she co-starred with Lin Yi, Tang Xiaotian and Zheng Yingchen in the youth romance drama “So We Are Warm Hour Light”. She played Stu Mo in the drama and received a nomination for best ACTRESS in a TV drama based on the play, which was a recognition of Xing Fei’s acting ability.Whether at work or in life, XingFei is a positive energy girl full of vigour, sweet smile always give a person warm sense, was affectionately known as the “national sister”, this is the first time she has worked with hu day, plays the television station sports channel intern reporter “tang heart” because of a chance encounter,Let her meet him afresh 4 years ago unrequited male god “Shen Qingyuan”, spread out a paragraph of travel that chase after love from this.Of course, in addition to the leading men and women, the most surprising is the joining of singer Sha Baoliang, as we all know, Sha Baoliang is a famous male singer in the Chinese music world, with the TV series “Golden Family” theme song “Fragrance” popular, gradually into the public’s vision, and then, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of China to compete abroad,Then with the album “Ring Finger” won the mainland annual best male singer, in singing is very high attainments, did not expect in acting, Sha Baoliang also has talent.This time, Sha Baoliang is invited to play the shooting team coach Zhang.Sha baoliang also forwarded the official weibo account of Hello Sharpshooter on his personal social media platform, with the caption: “Coach Zhang’s original pursuit is to always be in awe of competition and make more people love shooting. See you on February 2nd!”Promote your character.See The dynamic of Sha Baoliang, many netizens have said very much looking forward to the performance of the elder brother in the bottom of the message, some even say “Sha Baoliang teacher is really versatile”, of course, there are also netizens ridicule: “Coach sha Baoliang”, enough to see everyone’s expectations for Sha Baoliang.As for the story is also full of positive energy, Hu one day as “Shen Qingyuan” in the “Tang Heart” with the help of the former national “Du Lingfeng”, with dreams and love, standing side by side in the shooting stage, to a higher honor sprint, this story is also very in line with the audience’s taste now.The model of sports and love is also deeply loved by many young people, coupled with the joining of handsome and beautiful actors, the heat of this drama online should not be low, as for the performance of actors will be evaluated until the drama online, how do you think about it?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.