Yunnan Guangnan announced the closure of entertainment venues will suspend business

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Guangnan county, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan province, announced on February 8 that all markets and entertainment venues in towns and villages bordering Guangxi will be closed.The circular said that Baise city in Guangxi is facing a serious risk of importation due to an outbreak of COVID-19.In order to effectively reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic caused by clustering and trans-regional activities and effectively protect the safety and health of the general public, market day activities in guangnan County and towns bordering the border of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region were suspended.County (including township) all KTV, bars, cinemas, chess and card rooms, billiard rooms, Internet cafes, health clubs, singing and dancing entertainment venues, games venues, scenic spots and other entertainment venues will be closed and suspended.(Reporter Xu Qian) Notice on Strengthening epidemic prevention and control in Key areas issued by The Leading Group for Epidemic Response in Guangnan CountyTo effectively reduce the aggregation and the risks of epidemic spread across regions activities, to protect the people’s life safety and body health, now with the guangxi border towns (villages) market, the county recreation in key areas such as control matters related to notice the following: a, suspend guangnan county were along the edge of guangxi zhuang autonomous region, bordering township (town) market day activities.(Valley Street, Lotus Town;Tong Shang Street, Bata Street, Ah Ke Street, Ba Mei Town;Dixu Street, Dixu Township;Tseung Tai Street, Clear Water River Street, Pa Gan Street, Siu Pa Tat Street;Banban Banban Street, Banban Banban Township;Longha Street, Stalagmite Street, Ah Yong Street, Muli Street, Yangliujing Township.)2. All KTV, bars, cinemas, chess and card rooms, billiard rooms, Internet cafes, health clubs, singing and dancing entertainment venues, games venues, scenic spots and other entertainment venues in the county (including townships) shall be closed and suspended.3. Suspension of highway passenger lines in the direction of Baise, and cross-regional passage of taxis, online ride-hailing and private cars.All four, the county farmers’ market, hotel, home stay facility, wholesale market, medical institutions, drug stores and other crowded places, at the entrance of premises must be strict inspection “yunnan health code” and “communication travel card”, strictly implement the wearing masks, thermometers, one meter distance, regular disinfection, often ventilation and the prevention and control measures, such as strengthening workers, health monitoring and management,Urge and guide the work of personal protection, regular nucleic acid testing.5. The system of “disinfection first, distribution later” shall be carried out for the consignment and delivery goods entering Guangnan.All delivery enterprises should earnestly do a good job in disinfection and ventilation of express delivery processing places, business places, means of transport and internal office places.The county to the delivery of all goods to strictly implement the first disinfection, registration, and then the delivery requirements, the whole implementation of closed-loop management.Vi. Violations of laws and regulations related to epidemic prevention and control shall be severely investigated and punished by relevant industry regulatory authorities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the nature, circumstances, occasions, reasons and harms of violations of epidemic prevention measures.Seven, the broad masses of the people, please consciously abide by the laws and regulations, do not panic, rumor, tale, do not believe a rumor, support and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, temperatures in a public place, check the health code, consciously cultivate wearing a mask, wash your hands frequently, often ventilated, cluster, gathered themselves together, and keep one meter distance good habits, and actively vaccination will be coronavirus vaccine,Improve novel Coronavirus immunity.8. The resumption of normal business, operation and passage time of entertainment venues, passenger routes and market days will be adjusted in light of the epidemic prevention and control situation.Ix. This circular shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.Headquarters of Epidemic Response Leading Group of Guangnan County February 8, 2022