Xu Yuantai went to Xiangtan to visit the national model judge Xu Yanhong

2022-04-30 0 By

On January 26, 2022, it was the Lunar New Year. Appointed by the Party Group of Xiangtan High People’s Court, Xu Yuantai, the second-level senior judge of Xiangtan High People’s Court, accompanied by He Weiping, deputy secretary of the Party Group and executive vice president of Xiangtan High People’s Court, visited National model judge Xu Yanhong and sent her New Year’s greetings.Xu Yuantai kindly asked Xu Yanhong’s physical status and recent work, told her to pay more attention to rest and take care of your body.Xu Yuantai said that the advanced model of the court represented the image of the people’s court and had played a leading and exemplary role in the work of the court. He hoped that all the policemen would follow the model of the advanced model and work hard enough to achieve new and greater achievements in the work.