What sweat is flowing

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Do not think that manual labor is not exercise when engaged in manual labor, but the definition of manual labor and exercise is different. In fact, labor is also a kind of similar professional exercise.Or shed sweat in the process of work is an effective stimulation and exercise of human joints, ligaments, bones and muscles, but there are certain differences and differences in the quality and efficiency of exercise and belonging.Loading and discharging labourers, move different items of the weight of workers, and so on, or the countryside field tillage planting, as long as it is to carry out the labor work, they will sweat in the labor process, their limbs and lumbar abdomen are highly cooperate and participate in the work together under the circumstances, to complete a process of labor, hands and legs have no strength, no strength of waist and abdomen,Joint is not flexible, bone is not strong, the muscle contraction is not strong, ligament force is not big, not to any one area will seriously affect the quality and efficiency of the complete work assignments, as well as the labor of the workers body harm, as well as those who carry good bricks, disposable bag, mineral water and so on weight workers, their work load and exercise load is very big,They will shed a lot of sweat in the work, they will be especially tired after work, and the same physical and mental experience after exercise, muscles, joints, bones and ligaments pain, isn’t it in exercise?