The world: the same is lost, why chunyan and Zheng Juan ending is different?The reason is in one sentence

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Honor was regarded as the most important part of a woman in ancient times. Once a woman lost her honor, she would be regarded as a great shame and was not allowed by her family and outsiders.Although this concept has changed in modern times, there is still a traditional sense of chastity in people’s heart, and it is considered a shame for a woman to lose her virginity before marriage.In the TV series This World, Chunyan and Zheng Juan both lost their virginity before marriage, but their endings were completely different.Chunyan married Cao Debao, Zheng Juan married Zhou Bingkun, Cao Debao narrow-minded, finally broke with Zhou Bingkun, and Zhou Bingkun is down-to-earth, has been trying to live, give Zheng Juan a warm home.Is the same before marriage “lose oneself”, two people’s destiny difference why so big?It’s all about the way the two of you handle it.Chunyan is one of the most beautiful girls in photonic film, but also one of the most fierce girl, she is not hypocritical, personality is careless, with who can talk, with who can be.Is such a careless girl, just like Zhou Bingkun, she boldly repeatedly to Zhou Bingkun love, boldly say “not wood factory don’t.”Finally directly to Zhou Bingkun said: “my favorite person is you!”Her words startled Zhou bingkun and he quickly declined, saying that he did not think of her as a woman.Even if Zhou Bingkun repeatedly refused her, but she is still hot pursuit, not only let Zhou Bingkun shuttle her, but also often to zhou’s house, zhou old lady is very fond of her.Under the joint planning of Chunyan mother and bingkun mother, Chunyan night nowhere to go, had to live in bingkun home, it is because of this night, her fate changed.Cao Debao took a liking to her, secretly drilled her bed at night, although in the end nothing did, but Chunyan said she lost her virginity, all this is Cao Debao’s fault.In bingkun and bingkun mom, Chunyan and Cao Debao married, after a long time she told bingkun, that night she did not lose her virginity, actually because she liked Debao, deliberately said so.Chunyan is a feeling to go fast also fast girl, when her eyes have bingkun, feel bingkun where all good, but when she saw Debao playing harmonica, suddenly debao attracted.So she deliberately set up a play, debao firmly in the palm of her hand.As a result, she married Cao Debao.In this matter, Chunyan made two mistakes, the first mistake is that she only saw Cao Debao, fell in love with him, so she designed a scene, want to marry Debao.As the saying goes, you can’t recognize a person by just one contact, but Chunyan, who is in love, forgets this and thinks she sees the whole world in her eyes, so she falls in love with Debao.The second mistake was the way she used it. It was a risky move.Chastity is very precious to a girl, but in order to tie up the man she only met once, she lied and said that her chastity was stolen by him. Although Debao finally agreed to marry, if Debao refused or changed his mind, Chunyan would have no place to cry.Facts proved that Chunyan didn’t know enough about Debao. Debao dared to climb into her bed after drinking, which showed that this man was bold and had no boundaries. Chunyan dared to marry such a man, which also predicted her tragic fate in the future.Debao although not a bad man, but narrow-minded, not like bingkun as kind, later because of moving things with bingkun conflict, also reported bingyi, and bingkun friendship cut off, out of the light word.So marry debao Chunyan to bingkun said a heartfelt words: “love is very beautiful, marriage is very distressed.”It is also the price of her bad choice.Zheng Juan’s two “lose oneself”, forced once, premeditated early Zheng Juan is a poor person, she was abandoned by her parents as a child, was later picked up by an old man to buy ice cream, worked hard to pull big, there is a blind brother in the home.In order to change the current situation of life, she wants to marry tu Zhiqiang, the worker of lumber factory.Tu Zhiqiang is the worker of lumber factory formal, a month can get the salary of 30 yuan on time, although Tu Zhiqiang does not like her, but by force of life, she also can not care so much.Tu Zhiqiang is a good man, if the smooth marriage to Tu Zhiqiang, is not a bad thing.But at a party, she is insulted by Tu’s friend Luo Shibin and becomes pregnant.And Tu Zhiqiang, also because of the case committed by the mishap was executed.The family, deprived of their source of income, fell into a difficult situation.Zheng Juan this lose body, it is forced helpless, and the choice after she lose body and be pregnant, it is to leave the child.It was not easy for her to make such a decision. She was still a young girl, and how to support her child and her large family in the future was a problem.But she loved the child, did not have the heart to destroy their own flesh and blood, decided to keep the child.Fortunately, Luo Shibin is not bad, he let Bingkun to Zheng Juan every month to send 30 dollars, relying on the 30 dollars, Zheng Juan a reluctant to live.Zheng Juan although fate, but the brain is very clear, she through a few trials, know bingkun is a real person, and rely on a woman’s unique intuition, she know bingkun like yourself.Zheng Juan knows that 30 dollars a month is not stable, in case Luo Shibin has a thing or a change of heart, she can not get the money, and the present Zhou Bingkun, is the object of her trust.So when Zhou Bingkun came to send brown sugar, Zheng Juan had made up her mind to “lure” Zhou Bingkun, on the one hand is to repay kindness, on the one hand, she tried to retain the man.So when Zhou Bingkun knocked at the door, she deliberately did not pull up the clothes with a big neckline. When Zhou Bingkun looked down, she hurriedly arranged her clothes and said that she had just been nursing the baby.When Chow entered the room, she began to ask, “Why don’t you come to see me?Have you ever thought about womenWhat do you want in a woman”In her tight pressed, Zhou Bingkun finally said the truth:” I think of you every day, I can not forget you, I want to forget me also can not forget, I just miss you, is you.Zheng Juan lost no time to Zhou Bingkun said: “I also miss you, the old saying, people want to people, want to the dead, men want women is so, women want men is so, this has no good shame.”Then she boldly walked up to Chow and said, “Hug me.”In her hint and temptation, she and Zhou Bingkun completed the skin close, since this skin close, Zhou Bingkun to her is hell-bent, once wanted to marry with her.Even in the luo Shibin accident, the monthly time to 30 dollars broken, not hesitate to carry the mother will be heirloom sold 1200 yuan, to Zhou Ji Zheng Juan.If Zheng Juan was forced to lose her virginity for the first time and reluctantly, then she lost her virginity is premeditated, after many aspects of her investigation, the in the mind is very firmly bingkun is a good man, she hopes to repay in this way, at the same time firmly seize the man.As it turns out, she’s a good judge of character, and she’s got Chow bingkun firmly in her hand.What kind of object is good as the saying goes, women get married is equivalent to the second reincarnation, Chunyan and Zheng Juan are using their own way to find the sweetheart, and their means seem to be the same, but in fact very far.Chunyan is due to the impulse of hormones and blind love, did not see the true face of Cao Debao, they used their own way to marry Cao Debao, so the marriage is very hard.In addition, if a woman’s reputation is bad, even if she marries with the other side, people around the gossip is also indispensable.Zheng Juan is in all aspects of the balance, identified with Zhou Bingkun, so she is a step plan, finally firmly seized Zhou Bingkun, married into the Zhou family, although after twists and turns, but the harvest of a happy home.Zhou Bingkun will tell zheng Juan things home, caused a great uproar, father also played Zhou Bingkun a box in the face.Home to go back to work in the car, father told Bing Kun: “find the object can not find the right, can not make do, marriage is a lifetime event.Finding a good wife is the most important thing.”Zhou bingkun asked his father, “What is a good daughter-in-law?”His father told him, “Sensible and capable people like your mother.”The word of Zhou Fu, said zheng Juan and chunyan destiny disparate reason, looking for an object is too important to a person, must not make do, want to look for also want to look for sensible, capable.Zheng Juan is after careful investigation, know zhou Bingkun is what kind of person, just trust himself to him.However, Chunyan chose Cao Dewang as her husband out of blind and impulsive love, which was really regrettable.There is a saying that the woman a man marries determines the quality of his future life.What kind of man a woman marries determines her future life hopes.Woman ah, in the choice of objects or sharpen your eyes, do not casually give up their own, because this determines the fate of your life.