Why did Nuwa mend the sky and make people?

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Nuwa, born in Chengji with the feng surname, said her name was Fenglishi (or fenglishi si), with the upper body of a human female and the lower body of a snake.Nuwa was one of the three emperors at the beginning of China.She is the legendary ancestor of human beings, the descendants of her and her brother Fuxi.It is said that “stones are refined to mend the sky, earth is knewed to make man, and the creation of the pole is made. Men and women are separated, marriage is established, and sheng reed is made”.According to mythology, Fu Xi and Nu Wa were brother and sister, and husband and wife.In Chinese totems, there is an image of nu Wa and Fu Xi having sex.According to legend, Nu Wa is the goddess of human head snake body, one day, she passed by the riverside of the Yellow River, think of Pan Gu created the world, created mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, birds and animals, change the original a quiet world.However, Nuwa always felt that there was something missing in the world, but she could not remember what it was.When she looked down in thought and saw her own reflection in the Yellow River, she suddenly had an Epiphany.The original world also lack of such “people” like themselves.Then nuwa made clay figures from the clay of the Yellow River according to her own appearance. Then she exerted magic power and turned the clay figures into human beings.Nuwa was regarded as a matchmaker because she made man and woman and married them.Nu Wa made Music Nu Wa created traditional Chinese Musical Instruments such as sze, Sheng Huang and Xun.Nuwa patching up the sky according to records of shiji busanhuang Benji records, water god Gonggong rebellion, and fire God Zhurong war.Defeated by Zhu Rong, Gong gong angrily butts his head against the Western pillar of the world, Buzhou Mountain, causing the sky to collapse and water from the Heavenly River to pour into the earth.Nu Wa can not bear the human disaster, so the five colors of the stone to fill the sky, break god turtle foot support four poles, flat flood kill beasts, human began to live in peace.Other ancient books have different records.”Huainan Son astronomical Training” for the war of Gonggong and Zhuanxu;Huainanzi yuan Dao is recorded as the war between Gonggong and Gao Xin.”Carved Jade collection · Zhuang Force” is recorded as the war between Gonggong and Shennong family;”Lu History · Tai Wu Ji” recorded as the war between Gong Gong and Nu Wa.Nu Wa is a famous legend of mending the sky.In the first chapter of a Dream of Red Mansions, this legend is quoted. In order to mend the heaven, Nu Wa refined 36,501 stone, used 36,500, but left one unused stone.Some people think that the zhou Shan metaphor room column, in fact, the sky is to build a house, nuwa patching the sky story, in fact, is about nuwa this person is very smart, will refine stone building house.According to “The Book of Mountains and Seas”, Nuwa died in the body, her intestines into ten god, to the western wilderness wide millet wild guard.Another legend, nuwa died buried in the central Plains of Henan Province xihua County.Therefore Xihua county also known as wa city.There is another legend that the soul of Nu Wa ascended to heaven later, protected by the god beast White chi and teng snake, and went to heaven to become a god.Nu Wa was a compound surname in ancient China.In ancient China, there was a famous tribal chiefess named Nuwa, the sister of Fuxi. She was buried in Xihua County, Henan Province, central China.The myth of Nuwa has double character.The first is “Nu Wa”, the goddess of creation, which is the sister of Fu Xi. This is related to the etymology of “Nu Wa”, the word nu Wa, which originally meant goddess in ancient times.Nuwa is the chief god of witchgod religion.The second is the ancient yingling Nuwa, it needs to be pointed out that in ancient times, the woman named Nuwa is not only one, but a more famous.Just like Houyi, there were two famous people in ancient times. One was a man in the reign of Emperor Yao, and the other was a son of heaven in the Xia Dynasty.There is evidence that the double nuwa god is not the same god.Etymology, wa word as a pictograph, itself is the meaning of goddess, the word in the second series of Nuwa was born before existence, and its image is the head, dragon body (or snake body).Times, Nu Wa as the god of witchcraft, god, from ancient times is so, and the second department of nu Wa’s era, witchcraft has been prevalent in the period, a sect of god can not be born after several hundred years of its existence.Nuwa as a family name still exists in modern times, and the family can trace to the ancient times, this evidence shows that ancient times, the ancients took the god god named their children named is very normal.The possibility of the formation of the first system of nu Wa as a founding god status is no doubt, because “wa” word itself is the meaning of the goddess.Ancient people created a pictograph to describe their chief god.Meaning namely “nu Wa” these two words in ancient times, equivalent to contemporary Chinese characters “goddess” meaning.The second line of Nuwa as the spirit of the status of god is also logical.Fu Xi’s sister Nu Wa was born in ancient times, is a legend of The Times, since similar times of the Yellow emperor, Yan Emperor have been deified, so Fu Xi and Nu Wa myth is reasonable.In the novel “Romance of the Gods”, King Zhou disrespected Nu Wa, nu Wa in a rage ordered three demons (among them, fox spirit pretended to be Daji) to charm King Zhou and speed up the destruction of the Shang Dynasty.Magic weapon for the magic flag.Fairy Sword Legend in the stand-alone game “Fairy Sword Legend series” there are nuwa descendants set, they are female, single generation, adhering to nuwa will, generation guard the people.Related to media reports on June 2 to 5, 2012, the mainland a batch of archaeology, history, myths, and folk customs such as expert at shanxi map of jixian soyama archaeological cultural tourism as a review of the hearing, identified in the Shanxi Province map of jixian palace people soyama expansions of nuwa found under the statue bones, of the Beijing university of carbon 14 (C14) isotope determination, bone age, about 6200 years agoIt is similar to the time when Nu Wa appeared in myths and legends, and may be the bones of a generation of Nu Wa as a priest.