Lianhuashan Park is very busy with Spring Festival

2022-04-29 0 By

The Lotus Mountain Park in Shenzhen is bustling with activity as the Spring Festival approaches.With the epidemic under control in Shenzhen and the low risk in the whole city, people can also go out to play, especially during the Spring Festival holiday, and bring their families to Lianhuashan Park for leisure and entertainment.Today, walking on the road in Shenzhen, it is very clear that there are very few people, thinking that everyone has gone home for the New Year, while there are fewer people and fewer cars, heart and soul to lianhuashan Park to play.To the civic center square, the popularity is not hot enough, thought today is not many people, did not think of the near Lianhuashan Park a look, wow, people really super many, as usual weekend, people mountain sea, a lot of people stay in Shenzhen New Year.Although the Chinese New Year in Shenzhen is not good enough, you can think about the way to make a fortune in 2022. With money, you can bring a better material life to your family, choose what you want with more favorable conditions, realize early retirement, and enjoy a leisurely and carefree life.Come on!Make more money this year, just deserve their hard work.Of course, this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, there will be a lot of people staying in Shenzhen for the Spring Festival. It is not an empty city, but a warm city.Wish you all a happy New Year in advance, like a tiger with wings added to its wings!