Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi’s hidden problems

2022-04-29 0 By

Although lenovo has been Mired in the whirlpool of public opinion recently, Lenovo has already become the personal ATM of Yang Yuanqing liu Chuanzhi!Liu Chuanzhi’s problem lies in deceiving the people. While everyone thinks Lenovo is engaged in scientific and technological innovation, it is actually engaged in capital exploitation, which is what we should focus on exposing.The reason why our technology has failed is because there are too many such social cancers.As an entrepreneur, Liu Chuanzhi did not vigorously cooperate with the country’s development planning, but also everywhere under the guise of private enterprises embezzled state-owned assets, many industries, disaster to the country and the people!From this point alone, Liu Chuanzhi is a disgrace to the science and technology community!The scourge of large state-owned enterprises, delay cutting-edge scientific research, seriously affected the country’s development plan, Liu Chuanzhi’s ambition is clearly revealed.Moreover, Liu chuanzhi also used the swallowed state assets as capital to make his own fortune and continue to collect the wool of the country and cut the leeks of the people.What’s more, his assets are no less than 1 billion yuan, his family assets are 5 billion yuan, and he will take a pension of 100 million yuan from Lenovo.It was yan Jiehe said that sentence, want money shameless, pretty beautiful not pretty!After all, it is the country that provides the development space for you, but when you grow bigger, you do not contribute to the development of high-tech products for the country and the society.This is a kind of forgetting the original purpose, forget the mission.Finally can only be abandoned by the society, people.