Chinese style sitting room is elegant and have temperament, it is the only choice that you decorate

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Today, the wind of Chinese style is widely more and more attention and love, the sitting room is the core of a family life entertainment space, was the major place for guests, how to build a brilliant Chinese style living room is at the core is the most important part of modern decoration, sitting room of Chinese style decorates inherit the essence during the Ming and qing dynasties household concept, is your best choice.Chinese style sitting room 1, square symmetrical mahogany sofa combination modeling classical grace, temperament noble grace, with the balance of Yin and Yang of classical philosophy as the core, classical Chinese style combined with modern technology made, the background wall with ink landscape as an ornament, full of literary atmosphere, elegant and graceful atmosphere let a person can not stop.Chinese style sitting room 2, clean marble floor tile combines annatto furniture, collect inside and contain infinite glamour in not exaggerated design.Villa Chinese decoration on the ceiling, a circle of wooden lines as decoration is very hierarchical pattern.Real wood sofa atmosphere goes up grade, tie-in cloth art cushion for leaning on pillow, not only whole experience is relaxed and comfortable, colour is tie-in also very rich.The sitting room of Chinese style living room three, carry empty collocation is honourable annatto furniture perfect show Chinese style design of luxurious temperament, expensive mahogany material wen run is exquisite, in the elegant lamplight set a splendid luxurious sitting room, the calligraphy and painting on the wall hang act the role ofing reveal uncommon temperament, give a person a extraordinary visual perception as a whole.