Spring onion bucket group ice ballet, looking forward to the Olympic dream;Shen Xue zhao Hongbo story reappearance?China central television (CCTV) presentation of testimony

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Beijing Olympic figure skating pairs short program ended, the Chinese combination Han Cong SuiWenJing under the drive of “mission impossible 2” music, cleanly finished three weeks after the frost dance lifts, quadruple, twisting, step in place of technology such as action, its a stern look, composed of Kings demeanor, win the audience of palm, eventually get full points 84.41,In the both refreshed the team in a few days ago just set a world record at the same time, ahead of Russia combination tara suo Eva/morozov 0.16 points the advantage of reaching the final of the slide, figure skating originated in the 18th century Britain, and China’s figure skating, although started from Europe and the United States later, but development is rapid, especially the sport,Come with the ice ballet, beginning in 1999, shen xue/zhao hongbo, successively, winner of the world grand prix finals championship runner-up, sit up and take notice, the international sports with qing pang/jian tong, zhang/zhang hao and Han Cong/SuiWenJing high level combination of constantly emerging, continue to keep the Chinese figure skating in the world’s top level,More because of the pairs with a deep sense of tacit understanding between men and women is needed to achieve integration of the soul and art, so as to achieve the highest state of the art, thus was born a lot of couples made by the snow/zhao, like China qing pang/TongJianJie is in mutual help, cooperate, get along with, blame the share of sublimation to the emotional tightly woven,Eventually become enviable couple, ice Han Cong/SuiWenJing success too, also have a “green barrel combination”, two world figure skating championships, six times won the championship on four continents, not is not successful, but two people have a key to regret, it is winter haven’t won the gold medal breakthrough, the last Olympic Games in pyeongchang,Although green barrel combination made refreshes the individual scores of 235.47 points, but Germany combination savi has/horse sauter is more outstanding, narrowly took champion by 230.9 points, this session of Olympic Games, green barrels of owning a home of combination, of course, is the only goal to gold, from the short program both stable and firm aura,As to whether a relationship between two people, although Han Cong said not too clear, or negative, but SuiWenJing smile said many times, just an ice rink in CP, ice outside at least it is not, but for Han Cong “second father”, pitch intimate interaction between two people, Han Cong excited kissed SuiWenJing waist,Many details, such as holding the partner on the podium and sending the champion flowers, have already attracted numerous netizens to shout together, maybe make up for the regret, realizing the Dream of the Olympic Games will sublimate the two feelings again, as early as in 2007 Japan World Championships and 2011 Shanghai Ice Dance Festival, Shen Xue/Zhao Hongbo;Pang Qing and Tong Jian have staged romantic and touched the plot of marriage proposal, finally happy together, become a good story, this Beijing Winter Olympics can reproduce the romantic moment other than gold?In the short program won the first of the two last appearance in the free skate, resisted the three pairs of Russian contestant seizes power, ultimately coalitions with 239.88 points, 0.61 points from the advantages of Olympic champion, but unfortunately, after all, two people still can’t put on shen xue/zhao hongbo much-told tale, one step away from perfect, but it is have to congratulate them,15 years of persistence finally realize the dream