Some teachers will face “laid-off”, has been implemented in the region, parents know applauded

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Teacher is a very popular position among college students, even if it is to become a teacher needs professional correspondence, need to take an examination of teaching resources, need to take an examination of the system, college students are still as strong as the invincible.Teachers are the dominant player in school education. An excellent teacher can influence students for at least 3 years.It can not be denied that the improvement of China’s education level and the development of teachers have a great relationship, but also teachers let tens of thousands of families can get rid of poverty.Excellent teachers are worthy of the spring silkworm, the gardener, is the most glorious people under the sun, but there are some students, because of the unqualified teachers, affect the academic performance, affect the character formation, affect the physical and mental development, and even affect the future development.There are “stinky fish” in the ranks of teachers, the voice of improving the threshold of teachers continues to rise Liu Xuezhou in light before the suicide let a person tears trickling down one’s face, there is a paragraph of space in the description of his junior high school male teacher obscene plot.As a teacher should have attached importance to the psychological education of students, I did not expect that the teacher himself is a kind of people lacking in psychological education.Coincidentally, not long ago, a female college student revealed that he was assaulted by a counselor on a business trip with the instructor.It’s ironic that the counselor just a few days ago revealed that she had proposed.”Hate it, you hate it, get out!”This is from the head teacher of a primary school in Beijing, and she made a video of it and posted it in her class to remind other students and their parents.And he punched himself in the face.In addition to disorderly behavior and language violence, many netizens said their school teachers “with books.”A series of “smelly fish” attracted parents dissatisfaction, improve the voice of teachers to see also continued to rise.So could the teaching profession be in for a shake-up?A shake-up in teaching?Some of the teachers will be kicked out of the team, parents know after applaud!Since education has such a great impact on social development, the construction of teachers will naturally affect the heart of the authorities, so it is necessary to reform the teaching profession.It is understood that part of the teachers will be kicked out of the teaching team, can only be laid off, the area has started to implement.First, the hardest hit are teachers without teaching licenses.This type of teacher mainly exists in private schools and after-school training courses.Students and parents should not assume that because private schools are more expensive and private tutors are more sophisticated, their teachers are more competent.The truth is that these institutions are all for profit, and the money they earn will go to the boss, but the teachers will get very little, and they will also save money by looking for some unfunded college students, even the graduates of the university of pheasant.Second, teachers who fail to meet the standards are hit.Public schools have very strict standards for evaluating teachers, and different private schools have different systems for evaluating teachers, and with such strict requirements, testing can’t just be a formality.However, there is a defect in the assessment, such as education background, major, examination results, enrollment rate and so on, which can be supported by data, while moral defects are not easy to be presented through the assessment.Therefore, the author suggests that schools should listen to the evaluation of teachers from students and parents.Third, the impact is the “black history” of the teacher.Although teachers are “iron rice bowl” position, but if a teacher has a “black history”, will be punished according to the seriousness of the case, the most serious nature is ordered to be laid off, and never hired.Finally, it is teachers who are paid to make up lessons for their students who are hit.Why to add paid, because there are really some teachers are purely to improve the scores of students, and use their personal time to give students free make-up lessons.But if they charge or receive gifts, they must be severely punished.From these requirements, it is not difficult to see that the authorities really want to raise the entry threshold of teachers, at the same time, the comprehensive level of in-service teachers are also strict requirements, and teachers’ ethics, is more important.Parents applauded that students would be the ultimate beneficiaries.Both normal university students and members of the teacher team should attach importance to the cultivation of “teacher ethics” normal university students as the backup force of the teacher team, the teacher ethics mainly learn from school education and social education.In order to meet the requirements of becoming a teacher, normal university students should also pay attention to introspection at ordinary times.At the same time, strictly control their professional ability and ideological quality.Teachers in the entry is through the ideological quality inspection, the reason why there will be ideological change in the later period, mainly because of the adverse influence of the outside world, so if you want to take this job, we must always restrain themselves, words and deeds to students as an example.The author’s message: The big change in the teaching industry has no impact on excellent teachers, on the contrary, they will feel that their efforts will be more recognized by the society.On the other hand, teachers who feel constrained by this may already be very close to the red line.Topic of the day: What other benefits do you see in holding teachers to a high standard?If you want to know more exciting content, please come to pay attention to Xiao Ying appreciation