Railway police in Kaiyuan, Yunnan province, have broken up a drug trafficking ring and arrested 36 suspects

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The picture shows some of the suspected drugs seized.The picture shows some of the suspected drugs seized by the Distant Railway police.Open far iron p provide kunming, Beijing, February 17. 17 (Karen Dewey) reporter learned from kunming railway public security bureau work far railway public security office that recently, the in kunming, honghe, pu-erh tea, such as cooperation with local drug control departments of the public security organ, the successful investigation together with the Ministry of Public Security of drug target case, destroy drug lab 5, 4, drug denThirty-six suspects were arrested, 29.27 kilograms of drugs and 10.32 kilograms of raw materials were seized, and a drug trafficking gang was destroyed, with Dai xx as the organizer and planner, who had been buying opium from Yang who was entrenched in the Border between China and Vietnam for a long time, and then trafficking it to Honghe and Kunming for processing and distribution.According to reports, since the launch of the “Clean edge 2021” special operation, the Kaiyuan railway police “cluster zero” as a project of the people, further strengthen the case, the discovery of drug production, smuggling and drug trafficking and major cross-border trans-regional drug line to the end.In late February 2021, the police of Kaiyuan Railway obtained clues in their work: a luxi man Surnamed Dai bought opium from a Hunan man surnamed Yang who was stationed at the China-Vietnam border for a long time, and then trafficked it to Honghe, Kunming and other places for processing as drug kaku for distribution and trafficking.After obtaining clues, kaiyuan Railway police immediately carried out analysis, research and judgment, and set up a task force under the coordination of Kunming Railway Public Security Bureau to carry out investigation in an all-round way.The picture shows the suspects being identified.Kaiyuan Railway Police provided on April 30, 2021, after continuous in-depth investigation, the task force found that a jianshui man named Wang bought a batch of drugs from Dai, and let Dai from Mengzi to Jianshui by the way of hit-ride transport.The task force immediately attack, in Jianshui County ying en Road a shop door will be to the driver to take “package” Wang mou arrested, on the spot seized 0.04 kilograms of drugs, drug users 2;At the same time, the task force learned that a kunming man named “Brother Jin” had also purchased opium from Dai for a long time, which was transported to Kunming for processing as drug kaku for distribution and trafficking.After receiving this situation, the task force immediately strengthened the investigation of “Brother Jin”, and sent investigators to Mengzi, Jianshui, hekou and other places to carry out comprehensive work.Through in-depth investigation, the task force found that Dai so-and-so will buy opium, respectively sold to the “golden brother” and a nickname called “old wild” personnel.For the whole chain to annihilate drug trafficking gangs, the task force is divided into two ways, comprehensively strengthen the investigation and platoon strength, adhere to the “chess” idea, strengthen the communication and cooperation between the various police, go all out to launch the case.After nearly a month and a half of investigation, led by “Brother Jin”, in Kunming drug distribution and trafficking kaku criminal network gradually clear.In mid-July, the task force arrested the suspect “Brother Jin” in a house in The town of Cannes, Kunming City. In his room, 0.9 kg of opium, 3.58 kg of raw materials for making drug cocaine, 35,700 yuan of drug money, and a set of tools for making drug cocaine were seized.Subsequently, the task force took advantage of the victory of the pursuit, in kunming City Public Security Bureau anti-drug department, under the assistance of the capture of Tao and other referral line and drug users 19, seized 0.26 kg of drugs, opium 1 kg, drug production of drug cocaine raw materials 6.04 kg, drug tools 1 set, drug money 0.35 million yuan, destroyed 3 drug shelters.On August 24, the task force, according to the information of the case, in Menglian County, respectively, “Lao Yan” and its trading staff arrested on the spot, on the spot seized 24.05 kilograms of opium 15 tuo, the suspect confessed to his criminal facts.The picture shows the police caught the suspect at the scene.At the beginning of September, the task force captured Dai Xx and Yang mou, who were dealing in drugs, in a rental house of a community in Mengzi City. They seized 3.01 kilograms of opium, 4.9 grams of drug pain and 126,000 yuan of drug money on the spot.Later, the task force adopted the way of “waiting for the rabbit”, in a drug dens in Datun town, Gejiu city has captured 4 criminal suspects, seized 0.7 kilograms of raw materials for making drug kaku, a complete set of manufacturing tools.On September 8, the task force took the lead and arrested “old wild” successfully at the gate of a hotel in Mengzi City, seized 0.01 kg of drug kaku on the spot, and seized a set of drug-making tools in the manufacturing of drug Kaku in Nanxi Town, and arrested 2 suspects.At this point, the kunming railway Public Security Bureau open far railway public security bureau main investigation of the Ministry of Public Security drug target cases successfully solved.At present, the case is further in-depth trial.Source: Chinanews.com