Good for you!And Lingle girl Zhao Dan advanced to the third and fourth round of women’s skeleton bobsled

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The first and second rounds of the women’s skeleton bobsled at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games began on Sunday at the National Bobsled Center. Zhao Dan, the former flag-bearer of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, finished fourth in two rounds of 2:04.66, the first and second rounds of the women’s skeleton bobsled, the first and second rounds of the women’s skeleton bobsled, the first and second rounds of the women’s skeleton bobsled at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.On February 11, beifang Laban Village was decorated with colorful lanterns during the festival.By 7:30 a.m., Zhao Dan’s grandparents’ house had already gathered many friends and relatives. Although zhao Dan’s family is in Inner Mongolia, their hearts are focused on the Beijing Winter Olympics.With joy and pride on their faces, they are all looking forward to staging the miracle of the Chinese steel-frame bobsled host.Zhao Dan, 19 years old this year, is the youngest competitor in China’s steel frame snow team, but in the race has a “great general demeanor”, as if born with the gene of snowmobile in her bones, she showed amazing talent in the race.With her knowledge of the track and excellent control, she clocked a top speed of 127 km/h in the first run, finishing third in the group in 1:02.26.In the second round, Zhao started in 18th place and finished in 1:02.40, ranking fifth in the group.Overall two rounds of skating results, Zhao Dan with 2:04.66 provisional group ranked fourth.”One of the most memorable moments in the race was when Zhao Dan took the first turn. I was very excited and very scared because she was going so fast. I was really scared for her.”Watching the whole game of the village committee grid member Chen Aitao excitedly said.”I only have two words to describe Zhao Dan’s performance: steady and wonderful,” sighed Liu Wenyuan, the village director.With the ardent expectation of the villagers, Zhao Dan did not let them down. Her steadiness and courage in the competition were amazing, and she stood out from the other competitors, which also proved the impressive strength of Women’s skeleton bobsled in China.During the race, Zhao Dan’s grandmother often shed tears of emotion. She was worried about her granddaughter’s safety and even more proud of Zhao Dan’s bravery.Talking about the words he most wanted to say to Zhao Dan, Zhao Dan’s grandfather said: “I am very happy to see my granddaughter skating so well in this competition. The final will be tomorrow, grandpa, cheer for you!”Young people are especially dangerous if the ground, alone long sword ling qingqiu”, the outstanding performance of the young talent zhao Dan after 00 makes us see the strong power of Chinese young people in spring.The final result of women’s skeleton bobsled will be decided tomorrow night. Let’s cheer for Zhao Dan, China skeleton bobsled team and all Chinese people!(Cao Yu, Qin Rong, Yuan Yuan, Emperor Yifan, Wang Na, Zhang Huai, Emperor Yongzhi, Helingle County Rong Media Center)