From 1-0 to 2-2!Chinese women’s soccer team is set to win 9 titles and hit 3 records. Korean media: Beware wang Shuang

2022-04-28 0 By

In the Asian Cup, there will be a showdown, that is the Chinese women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team match, this match is the final, both sides will fight for the championship of this tournament.South Korea is also eager to make history. The women’s team has not won the Asian Cup since its first appearance in 1991. This time, they are eager to fulfill their dream.Before the game, The South Korean media “NAVER” pointed out that the South Korean team will cross the Great Wall to complete the revenge for the Chinese women’s football team, after all, the opponent has never won in the past 6 games, since 2016, the Chinese women’s football team has not beaten in 6 games!First, let’s take a look at the historical records of the two sides. In 39 matches, The Chinese women’s football team has won 28 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses, which is overwhelming. Moreover, we have not beaten the South Korean team for 6 years.On March 7, 2016, China women’s Football Team won 1-0 against South Korea, and on April 13, 2021, in the second leg of the Olympic Preliminary, we drew 2-2. During the six games, we were unbeaten, with a record of 4 wins and 2 draws.Therefore, we have an absolute psychological advantage against The South Korean women’s football team. If The Chinese women’s football team wins the Title, we will win the Asian Cup for the 9th time, which will be a record. In addition, if the Chinese women’s football team wins the Asian Cup, it will win the Asian Cup for the 5th time in a row, which will be a record.Of course, Shui Qingxia is trying to lead the team to complete the Korean team unbeaten in 7 matches, therefore, this match, sonorous Rose will impact three records.South Korea’s power to be reckoned with, of course, the opponent in the Asian cup played very stable, particularly in the face of strong teams, the south Korean team not discontinued, against the Japanese women’s group, their 1-1 draw with rivals, double-header with Australian women’s team, is a shock 1-0 win, therefore, the south Korean team fighting capacity is very strong, we can’t despise your enemy.”This is the first time that the Korean women’s football team has participated in the Final of the Asian Cup, aiming to cross the Great Wall and reach the top of Asia,” NAVER wrote.The Korean team has surpassed its previous best record of third place.Although king frost can participate in the Asian cup final, it is unclear, but local media for her, it is the strength of the fear and the “king of frost is China’s first women’s football star, last year the preliminaries, she in the two legs against South Korea scored 3 goals, this event, the king of frost also scored 5 goals, goals with vian as much.”