Chicken soup works?The Nets have lost seven straight games and are just 0.5 games ahead of the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference

2022-04-28 0 By

The Brooklyn Nets lost their seventh straight game with a 102-125 loss to the Utah Jazz on Sunday.Nash was interviewed after the game, however, and he still seemed to be giving his players chicken soup.”I’ve been telling the guys that we need to stick together and get through this,” Nash said of his seventh straight loss. “Right now, our goal is to keep our spirits up.”After a seven-game losing streak, the Nets improved to 29-23 for sixth place in the Eastern Conference, just 0.5 games ahead of the seventh-place Toronto Raptors.The Nets have lost seven games in a row, the longest losing streak in the NBA.How hard is it for the Nets to lose seven games in a row?In the past seven games, the Nets have lost to Minnesota, Lakers, Nuggets, Warriors, SUNS, Kings and Jazz.The Nets are 2-8 without Durant.After all, no team in NBA history has won a regular season title after a 7-point losing streak.To make matters worse, the Nets will play Denver, The Green, the Washington Wizards and the Miami Heat.For the current nets, want to beat these teams, really is too difficult!Nash also spoke about Claxton’s injury, saying, “I didn’t know it was a hamstring strain until halftime. There’s no further information on Claxton.”