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The FAPA International Art Photography Competition is divided into different categories, and the first prize in each category will compete for the title of Photographer of the Year. Today’s post is for the Professional category photographer of the Year.His “Selling the Moon” achieves a perfect combination of photographic language and aesthetics. Milos Nejerichleb comes from the Czech Republic, with a strong sense of geography, a broad vision and industrial wind everywhere.Czech photographer Milos Nejekhleb has only been working on concept photography for three years;However, he has won several awards.He is winner of the Czech Press Photo Competition, double winner of the Nikon Calendar Competition, silver medalist of the Fine Art Photography Awards in London and double Gold medalist of the Trirenberg Super Tour.The most striking features of his photographs are the vivid elements of colour and a clear focus on photographic art.Milos often chooses current social topics, which he uses a photographic series to turn into stories.These stories are constructed by characters to simulate real life.He creates such series alone and ensures the entire artistic direction.He designs his own styling, finds locations and does post-production.In addition to his conceptual art of pointing out the themes currently under discussion, Milos has three long-term thematic photography projects that document the stories of real people.The most famous of these is the photographic project “Strong Men”, in which Milos photographs people who have gone through tough times in their lives and are stronger as a result of the experience.Selling the Moon – The whole series “Selling the Moon” is organized in two locations.There are more than 20 people working with me on this project, and the background of the topic is consumption.This is the beginning of my new creative project, in which I will continue to deal with consumption and the role of human beings in a consumer society.- Other highlights about ALL IN Photography Competition official account: share ALL kinds of domestic and foreign photography competition, art gallery, magazine manuscript call information;Appreciate the appreciation of excellent prize-winning works and walk with excellence.