Add a touch of interest and warmth to the sweltering garden with a giant fiberglass cherry sculpture

2022-04-28 0 By

Add a touch of fun and warmth to the hot garden with huge fiberglass cherry sculpture Fiberglass cherry cartoon sculpture Fiberglass peach sculpture cherry mascot sculpture Fiberglass cherry cherry sculpture Cartoon doll sculpture fiberglass honey peach sculpture Fiberglass honeydew melon sculpture fiberglass watermelon sculpture fiberglass eggplant sculpture fiberglass fruit sculptureSpring is in the air in the glass intelligent greenhouses, and the newly introduced “One Stick” cherries have been ripening one after another. The picking season is just in time for the “Spring Festival”, which is a beneficial exploration of the development and expansion of ma Cun’s rural revitalization industry and the first batch of “Spring Festival” cherries in Chengcheng County.The cherry trees in the greenhouses were in bloom, and a beautiful scene of green and white greeted my eyes.