Wavelet cherry seedling base to share how to improve the fruit setting rate of cherry seedling

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Cherries are rich in nutrients, sweet and juicy, and are a fruit that many consumers love to eat.Now is the season when a large number of cherries are on the market, and the market price of cherries is not cheap, because of the high economic value, so it is favored by many growers.So if you want to rely on planting to improve the high income of cherries, the key is to improve the yield, so it is very important to improve the fruit setting rate.In this case, how to improve the rate of cherries?Take a look.1. Autumn fertilizer is best applied in September, because at this time the ground temperature is high, the root system is absorbed quickly, and it is easy to transform into the tree body storage nutrition.The base manure was mainly dung manure, biogas manure, human excrement and urine manure, bean cake manure, and was applied in a circular groove or strip groove way.The fertilizer amount of each plant was 30-50 kg in the first fruit stage.Full fruit period each tree 50~70 kg, and match to apply compound fertilizer 0.8~1 kg.Can effectively improve plant photosynthesis efficiency, increase tree nutrition, conducive to fruit setting.2, reasonable configuration of pollination tree Cherry self-flower seed setting rate is low, the yield is difficult to meet the production requirements, therefore, it is necessary to reasonably configure 2~3 pollination varieties, requirements can meet with the main varieties of flowering, affinity, pollination and fertilization effect is good.Take the main variety red light as an example, the configuration of pollination trees can be na Weng, Rabins, etc., planted every 1 row of 1 row of pollination trees, mutual pollination, improve fruit setting rate.3, foliar topdressing spraying 1~2 times 0.3% borax + 1% sucrose or 300 times borax + 0.3% urea, spraying 40 mg/kg gibberellic acid +600 times potassium dihydrogen phosphate 2 times, can significantly improve the yield of large cherry about 20%, and can increase the fruit.4, long branch pruning cherry branch force is weak, flower bud formation is difficult, need to take the way of long branch pruning, more swinging, less short cut, with M type Angle openers or rope to flatten branches, slow down the growth of branches, make more nutrition flow to flower buds and fruits.At the same time, combined with the use of PBO control agent, 1 week before flowering * PBO3 g/m2, spray 200 times of PBO on the leaves in mid-June and mid-August, inhibit the growth of branches, promote flower bud differentiation.5, disease and insect pest control to particularly strengthen the disease and insect pest control after cherry harvest, focus on the prevention and control of perforation disease, leaf spot disease, leaf potential moth, two spot mite, etc., agents can choose Bordeaux liquid, 80% big health, super star, imidacloprid and so on.Two, we should pay attention to the garden work, timely removal of fallen leaves and fruit and sick branches, in the bud before spraying 5 baume stone sulfur mixture, reduce the base of disease and insects;Three to pay close attention to the weather, spray protective agent before the rain, after the rain with strong internal absorption agents, timely elimination of diseases and insects.In general, cherry trees are vulnerable to external environment, resulting in low yield, less fruit setting, poor benefit, etc., so master some tips to enhance the tree potential, improve fruit setting rate.Cherry fruit yields up, the natural profit will be higher.