Rural this charge need not pay again, if village cadre collects again, can refuse or inform against

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This fee does not need to be paid in rural areas. If village cadres collect it again, they can refuse or report that the village has gone from poverty and backwardness to today’s prosperity and strength, and the living standard is constantly improving.Many people have been working outdoors for years, and everyone’s income has grown better.Of course, the state has also introduced a lot of policies to enable farmers to develop better, and the prosperity enjoyed by everyone will naturally increase.But many people are still reluctant to pay the money. For example, until 2006, everyone had to pay agricultural tax for growing grain. Now, a unit of land can improve farmers’ welfare.Of course, the new-style rural cooperative medical treatment that the country allows capture cost is voluntary actually, you can check whether to want capture cost according to his actual situation.New agriculture is protected also so, everybody can decide according to oneself approbation whether capture expends.The collection of these taxes in rural areas has been suspended, and rural people can complain again, and those that have been collected can go back and claim them.1, construction costs before many people build houses, the village staff asked for money, all kinds of call.In fact, every farmer can build a house as long as it meets national standards.When building a house, no matter be application or get certificate, is not the hand of village cadre.In recent years, in order to better develop the poor population, the state has steadily increased subsidies for poverty alleviation and provided a number of subsidies.The first is the cost of living, 400 to 500 yuan per month, with different standards in different places. The second is to help cardholders and subsistence allowance holders pay for the new rural cooperative medical care system and the new rural rural system.The upside is that these people get more pension and health benefits.In recent years, rural road construction has been jointly funded by the state and farmers.Typically, the state pays 70 percent of the cost, while the rural population pays 30 percent.In this case, every villager will pay the price.The tax..However, last year, the state issued a new document requiring farmers to donate as much as they can according to their economic status when building roads.