Fewer and fewer koreans will get married in the future

2022-04-27 0 By

Judging from the current trend, our country has not married are less and less, I’m saying is, in comparison, as the population decrease, married people must be less, but the proportion of married, less problem is larger, original population is falling, as an economy develops so fast, the vast majority of women can be their own independent life, and have a pretty good, the change of the concept,Let women choose to marry, must choose good people than they are, it is impossible to lower their quality of life, so the man must be good, or will be left, and social development to a certain extent, to the challenges of a society too much, it is likely that people’s lives rich enough, a lot of people won’t go to work at all, lead to the workforce shortage,This is the problem we may encounter before 60 years of driving. At that time, people will not compete to see who has the money and who has the luxury car. The concept of values will change, and we are trying to pay the mortgage now.What do you think?