An unusual CBA record, the champion scored one point in a quarter, the team lost 51 straight on the road, and had no assists in the game

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Although the CBA and NBA are separated by only one letter, the popularity and commercialization of the two leagues are completely different. Nevertheless, the CBA still dominates the list of the no. 1 basketball league in Asia due to its huge scale. Even NBA executives say the CBA can be called the second largest basketball league in the world.After all, it is the biggest basketball league in Asia, and the CBA is even inferior to the NBA in some aspects. The CBA also has a lot of guanggujin and even an amazing variety of records.Has a big lead after three quarters the opponent’s guangdong men’s basketball team has got a ball in the final quarter, means that the guangdong basketball all missed in the fourth quarter, even free throws into a only, the final was reversed by fujian, it caused the render big Bob, this is also called the manager and the other players out of a fuse.Shanxi Men’s Basketball team also created its own CBA shameful record, from November 14, 2004 to January 23, 2007, in 801 days, nearly three years, Shanxi men’s basketball team did not win a game on the road, fully suffered the embarrassing record of 51 consecutive defeats on the road.A typical home dragon, the representative of the away bug, in the away game for three consecutive seasons, looking at the world’s regular basketball league is estimated to find few, this has become the history of Shanxi men’s basketball team pain forever.After looking at Shanxi men’s basketball to see Shaanxi men’s basketball, the team created the history of the lowest number of assists in a single game, the total number of assists for 0, that game, Shaanxi men’s basketball team obtained 90 points, the entire game without any assists, all from the players single score.Even the wild court will also appear some of the simplest passes, Shaanxi men’s basketball team as a professional team, can hit this record is unprecedented, later this team was demoted because of poor management, now Shaanxi men’s basketball team no longer any CBA team.In addition, the CBA also exists a variety of records, but these records are more or less embarrassing, experienced those records of players are mostly reluctant to mention the past, although the CBA is not particularly well-known, but experienced things can be really many.