Yuping Autonomous County Government Affairs Center: let online “no meet” service become normal!

2022-04-26 0 By

“Excuse me for registered permanent residence migration needs to provide what materials?”On March 28, Yao Elder sister, who has been remarried to Xinhuang Autonomous County of Hunan Province for many years, consulted Wu Yuanyuan, the liaison officer of “inter-provincial communication office” of Yuping Autonomous County government affairs Center, about the process of inter-provincial hukou transfer through the Internet.”You only need to provide id cards and marriage certificates for both parties to complete the hukou transfer procedures, and we will handle it for you online. You don’t need to go back and forth.”After receiving the message, Wu explained patiently.”I never thought it would be so convenient for me to transfer my hukou now. I don’t have to go both ways. It’s really great,” said Yao.Work with “across the province to do” reform further deepening, jade screen autonomous county government affairs center to “Internet + services” for the gripper, contact telephone, WeChat ID, each window “across the province to do” items for QingChanZhi made “calling CARDS”, around the neighboring provinces, major labor output and east-west cooperation regions such as the government affairs center signed a cooperation agreement,Moreover, more than 1,000 copies of “family affairs cards” were sent out to 16 districts and counties with a large demand for inter-provincial affairs, and “one-to-one” online consultation service was provided for the migrant workers in Yucing, making the online “no meeting” service normal and saving the service time and cost of the migrant workers.At the same time, the county also focus on the long distance management “to” run “reverse layup” and other issues, in accordance with the “of time, and cost reduction, reduction of link, reduced running errands” principle, to promote “standard unified, authorized receipt, remote areas, to accept each other, coordination” of “cross-regional joint office, regional” new mode of government services for enterprises and the masses to provide online diversified channels,To meet the differentiated needs of different groups.Subsequent will continue to push township (town, street) convenient service center, and village (community, residents’ committees) for the convenience of the operation mode of the service station LingBan or full deputy agents, promote the qualified items by the masses “own” run into someone “help me”, for the masses to provide services for transportation, track, supervisory, feedback and other services,We will spare no effort to build a three-level linkage platform, connecting the upper and lower levels, and providing services to the home, so that people can complete matters at home.At present, the county has sorted out and announced 327 “cross-provincial” issues, realizing 100% implementation of 140 high-frequency issues nationwide, and handled 2,348 “cross-provincial” issues such as endowment insurance, medical insurance transfer, replacement and replacement of identity cards in different places, and reimbursement of medical insurance in different places.Correspondent Tian Jiao Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Ma Hongmei editor Sun Hui editor Fu Song