Lateen shares a thing or two about mites (part 2)

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Answer the last!Let’s get right to it!Do you know what the three main conditions are for mites to survive?Humidity, temperature, food!Humidity.Mites like wet and afraid of light, usually between 60 to 80%, less than 50% it is difficult to survive.The temperature.The suitable survival temperature of mites is between 20 and 30°C, which means that too high or too low temperature will lead to the death of mites.Food.The main food of mites is the dander, residue and fungus that our bodies shed.Can mite bug send blain?Of course not!Every normal person will live in the skin of demodex, as for whether there will be acne, this mainly depends on the unit density of demodex, that is to say, too much reproduction of demodex may lead to the outbreak of acne.And even if vermiform mites live on your face all your life, as long as your skin metabolism is normal, it won’t affect your golden age beauty.How to purify mite bug face effectively?Shut up, control the oil, change habits, clever skin care!● Shut up: Bud fans should avoid eating too much heavy oil and spicy food as much as possible.● Pay attention to oil control: boys pay attention to facial cleaning, do not over clean.Girls pay attention to timely removal of makeup.The oil in the pore, residual makeup will provide a hotbed makeup for mite breeding.● Improve living habits: such as do not stay up late, wash daily supplies frequently.● Choose the right skin care products: do not use high purity olive oil preparation skin care products.Olive oil is rich in oleic acid, which is a variety of parasitic mites.One of the anaerobic bacteria’s favorite foods.