20 points, nets 8 in a row!Nash made it clear after the game that SHAquille O ‘Neal blasted Irving!

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NBA regular season, with the momentum of seven straight losses, the Nets came to Denver to challenge the Nuggets, and the nuggets before the game is also suffered three straight losses, who can win out of the losing quagmire has become a watch.The Nets lost their eighth straight game, 124-104, scoring only 29 points in the second half, led by irving on the road.Field, in the first section, the two sides to play, although Owen first section 5 points is not much, but he led his teammates, single section 5 assists, griffin single section 10 points becomes peak, the nets back this section 40 points, but the nuggets also full power, about the base, the first section 4 points and 3 rebounds and 4 assists, led his teammates also scored 39 points.Irving had 14 points, 3 points and 4 assists, and Jokic had 14 points and 4 assists. Both teams scored 75 points in the first half as the Nuggets took a 76-75 lead.The nets since the third quarter, but there is obvious offensive rout, played almost seven minutes of the section, the nets team had only five points, the nuggets quickly lead to 104-84 to more than 20 points, the nets don’t have any small game, although mills hit 3-pointers, once to help the nets to 109-99, but has since eight minutes of time,The Nets scored just five points and lost 124-104, an embarrassing eighth straight loss.Statistically speaking, Irving finished with 27 points, five rebounds and 11 assists, but he actually played a good half, scoring 19 points, four rebounds and nine assists in the first half and leading his team to 75 points in the second half.Chris Mills hit four 3-pointers and scored 14 points. Blake Griffin had 19 points on 7-of-12 shooting, Thomas added 20 points off the bench and Brown added 10.For the Nuggets, Jokic had a triple-double in 29 minutes. He shot 80 percent from the field 12-of-15 for a 27-12-10 triple-double. Patton 21, 6-4, Gordon 17, 9-7, Morris 12, 5-8, Forbes 11 points and Nagy 10.Coming off an eight-game winning streak, the Nets are under a lot of pressure, especially with the latest trade rumors swirling around Harden.”Who knows what’s going to happen?I don’t care about the rumors, we’d love to have Harden in the lineup.Coach Steve Nash finally made it clear that harden would not be traded and that harden would be willing to stay.As skip pointed out, Irving is the least productive of the big Three, and that’s why he’s messing this team up.With their eighth straight loss, the Nets have fallen to seventh in the Eastern Conference. how fast have they fallen?According to the statistical record, the Nets had the best record in the Eastern Conference at Christmas.”If you can’t play at home, you shouldn’t be here,” shaq said. “They have a better chance of winning at home, and you can’t play.”O ‘Neill’s words are direct, but also very reasonable.