Yang Shangkun fell ill in prison, guard soldiers gave him a bag of sugar, later so repay benefaction

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It is said that the grace of dripping water, when yongquan reciprocated, in the face of a little kindness from others, most people will choose to remember their kindness, and then to repay them.And today we want to tell the story of the hero is Yang Shangkun, he was imprisoned in prison for a variety of reasons, lost his freedom, almost because of hypoglycemia, lost his life, at this time got the help of a noble man, through this difficulty.He Xurenye Yang Shangkun was born in Shuangjiang Town, Tongnan County, Sichuan Province in August 1907. He has been studying very hard since childhood.In 1920, he was successfully admitted to the Primary school attached to Chengdu Higher Normal University. In short, Yang Shangkun was always a top student in the eyes of his teachers.At the age of 18, Yang Shangkun joined the revolutionary team of the Red Army by chance. In 1926, he became a real Communist party member through his previous efforts and experience accumulation.In the days after, Yang Shangkun in the face of the enemy, not afraid, in the battlefield, do not retreat.He devoted all his time to his country and people and made many indelible contributions to the development of China.02 lost freedom, deeply hit at the same time, Yang Shangkun in the process of making contributions to the country, also encountered a lot of ups and downs and tribulations.At the end of 1965, I was working in Guangdong. In order to understand the local customs and conditions, I did everything by myself. I visited more than a dozen counties and villages in one month and was well received by the local people.However, the good times did not last long, may be due to overwork, Yang Shangkun’s body appeared very serious problems, his relapse, coupled with the climate of Guangdong is very humid, leg disease always recurrence, and more serious, sometimes even out of bed to walk is a problem.In addition, in the suffering of these diseases, Yang Shangkun also had a high fever, did not eat tea, just in a few days, much thinner than usual.In fact, these are nothing, really let Yang Shangkun upset one thing is that he and his wife and children have lost contact, no matter how he contact, can not get their news.Finally, after much consideration, Yang shangkun wrote a letter and handed it to the central government.The content of the letter is to help him find his wife and daughter, and hope that the central government can rearrange a place to work.His request was soon granted by the central government.Transferred him to a new location, and heard from his wife and daughter.I thought life would be so calm as water, but god does not let Yang Shangkun wishful.When that special time came, it broke everyone’s peace.In this way, Yang Shangkun’s 12-year imprisonment began.For Yang Shangkun, these twelve years were the shadow that could not be erased in his life. During this period of losing his freedom, he suffered from various ailments that made his life as bad as death.Mentally, he was also tortured.But in the face of all these hardships, Yang Shangkun chose to gladly accept, even positive and optimistic face.They confiscated all of Yang’s personal belongings, but luckily some of his books were not confiscated, so he read them when he was bored and couldn’t keep up.Give yourself some spiritual comfort.Although Yang Shangkun is very optimistic, his physical pain cannot be overcome with spiritual food.At that time, because of the damp and cold of the guard, many of his old diseases recurred, and they were worse than before, and he had to lie in bed every day, unable to move.Because, as long as he moved, his body is like a broken frame, very uncomfortable, can be used to describe life is worse than death.In addition, In the past, Yang Shangkun’s body was not very healthy, now in prison, the daily food is not good, so his hypoglycemia became more and more serious, once fainted due to hypoglycemia.However, in the face of all kinds of difficulties, Yang Shangkun did not choose to give up, still insist on, in order to get some sugar, can live, will focus on the door guards.In fact, the soldier at the door, had noticed Yang Shangkun’s every move, but also by Yang Shangkun’s perseverance.In Yang Shangkun asked the soldier, let him bring yourself a bag of sugar, his move, let Yang Shangkun hard to forget.Sugar is so common in today’s society, but back then it was such a scarce commodity that it took some effort to get a bag of it.Moreover, the soldier had full power to refuse Yang Shangkun, if Yang Shangkun asked for his help, tell his superiors, he would be rewarded for it.But the soldier did not refuse, but took the risk to prepare a bag of sugar for him, in the face of the soldiers move, Yang Shangkun was very moved, it is this bag of sugar, let him through this difficult experience.At the same time the soldier in Yang Shangkun’s repeated inquiries, in the book wrote down his name and address.But after the next day, Yang shangkun was moved to another place and the soldier was never seen again.Until later, Yang Shangkun finally survived that period of time.He said, “I was impressed by your tenacity and perseverance. I know you are a good man and I don’t expect anything in return for helping you.”Finally, Yang Shangkun gave his watch to the soldier and said to him: “Do it as a souvenir. If you have any difficulties in the future, please come to me. I will do my best to help you.”Indeed, for Yang Shangkun, the soldier is he found a ray of light in the darkness, is a beacon in the vast sea.In short, if the soldier had not helped him, he would have been killed.Therefore, in the later life, we must do our best to help the people around us, to be a passionate person for life.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact deletion!