The big event!Deyang people Spring Festival is the most important thing

2022-04-25 0 By

Celebrating the Spring Festival is coming to work in addition to waiting for the New Year’s day people wear new clothes, eat dinner, send a red envelope is waiting for the holiday, even “working people” head every day in addition to work is to celebrates New Year’s eve strategy is to reward yourself a full upstream or New Year’s day New Year’s day for seven days at home bed 7 highway “experience” can be said to be quite difficult to choose for the outside friends, though the lunar New Year holidayThe first thing to do is get home!The road ahead is a long one, but we know when to return. The yearlong reunion is coming true on the road. Have you come home this year?Let us know your Spring Festival plans in the comments section. Participate in the interaction and you will receive our best wishes