Lincoln’s sayings, less than 20 words, will see through education, suitable for parents and teachers to reflect on

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Speaking of education, there are always many blind spots and misunderstandings between teachers and parents.Just like a hot topic on the Internet, is it necessary for teachers to ask parents to correct their children’s homework?Before, there was a piece of news on the Internet, that is, parents were speechless to the teacher from the perspective of parents. She had to correct children’s homework at midnight after hard work every day, but she was named and criticized by the group.So many online parents and netizens have called injustice, if change homework such things, parents have to do, then the school teacher what?Yes, such a problem, the teacher is a big problem.But the teacher is standing in the teacher’s point of view, he must think that parents should also participate in the child’s study, but also to know the progress of children’s learning, but also to urge children to grow up together, let the child grow up, is not the teacher alone.In fact, each stand in their own point of view, are understandable.But today I want to share with you the education, maybe many parents and teachers are easy to ignore, ignore, especially some parents.This is a quotation from Lincoln, who sees education very clearly. I think it is very reasonable, and I have done some introspection and analysis, so I want to share it with you to read, in the hope that you can also get some inspiration from it. It reads as follows: In fact, education is an early habit.In less than 20 words, it illustrates a very serious problem in education that many people tend to overlook, that is, habitual education.The day a child is born, will be affected by the people around him, will slowly develop habits, and let the child develop habits or parents have the greatest influence on the child.In fact, as early as in our Chinese textbooks, meng’s mother moved three times, which fully shows that the environment of children’s growth will determine children’s childhood habits.If Mencius’s mother had not moved three times, I cannot say whether mencius would have engaged in cultural undertakings, would have loved learning and reading, but it would have been at least five or ten years later.It was because of a beautiful environment in which Mencius loved reading and learning from an early age that he was different from other children.But how many parents know how to cultivate good habits in their children from an early age?This can not be blamed on the parents, after all, parents are busy making money, little time to pay attention to their children, even many young parents in big cities, bao Ma.This is a more irresponsible behavior for children’s childhood education. As Li Meijin said earlier, the younger the child, the more parents need to bring their own children, even if they earn less a few years ago, they should also bring their own children.The reason is simple, if children develop bad habits, the future is no amount of money to make up for back.You see how many parents, finally make the money, the child ruined, his life habits, not like themselves, like who?Like the guy he spends a lot of time with.Parents are the best role models for children, especially when they are young, every word and action of parents will affect their children, but many parents do not think, easy to ignore.Many sensible parents, wise parents, even if they have some bad habits, they will not show it in front of their children.It’s like when some parents smoke, they don’t smoke in front of their kids.A good parent is one who refrains from swearing and tries to set a good example to his children.It’s New Year’s, and a lot of parents, of course, take their kids off to play mah-jongg all night.Some bad habits of children in the future will continue to their parents, so parents even if they want to blame their children, it is useless, you are like this, how to educate their children?The most terrible thing is that many parents let their children form bad habits from an early age, leaving their children to the school and the teacher, and finally getting into trouble at school, disobedient, poor grades, parents blame the teacher, which is not right.The growth and education of children are multifaceted, which should be maintained, supervised and accompanied by parents and teachers.Parents never ignore, know only give money to children, think money is the best love for children, so let the children grow up, also will only give the parents money, no family love, over time, you know, his young time, there is no good habits education, prior to the child as if also only a layer of the relationship between the money, the other is very rusty.Lincoln’s sayings, less than 20 words, will see through education, suitable for parents and teachers to reflect on!