Aunt early morning alarm: my bedroom slept a strange man

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Modern Express news (correspondent Shen Haoyu reporter Jiang Zhenjun) a man drunk, a friend sent him home downstairs and left, the result of the family call said, did not come home all night.Unexpectedly, the man ran down the wrong corridor and slept in someone else’s house.Modern express reporter learned that recently, yancheng Binhai county happened this wonderful scene.”He said he would go upstairs, but he hasn’t got home yet, and his family are frantic!”February 13 at 4 o ‘clock in the morning, binhai County public Security Bureau patrol brigade patrol unit five squadron to receive area residents reported to the police, he and his friend Mr. Liu after drinking, Mr. Liu to the home downstairs, “did not expect his family called to say that he did not come home all night.”It was nearly 5 o ‘clock in the morning, the weather was cold, and if an accident happened to someone in a drunken state, the consequences would be unimaginable.After receiving the police, zhou Xinxin, the police on duty, immediately contacted the members of the street patrol, and paid attention to the search in the patrol process.Subsequently, the police retrieved the public video, fortunately, the video drunk Mr. Liu did not leave the community, all the team will be in the community to search.”Police comrade, you come quickly, there is a male asleep on my bedroom bed, I do not know him, you come quickly!”At about 6 am, the police who were searching for the missing man received another call for help. Coincidentally, the woman surnamed Wang lived in the same building as the missing man.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately organized the police to rush to the scene.”You leave the room slowly, and don’t do anything yet.”In the police under the guidance of Ms Wang, police opened her bedroom door, I saw a man lying in bed snoring, the room was filled with a thick smell of alcohol.”Wake up, what’s your name?Where is home?Why is it here?”Faced with a series of questions, the drunk man looked puzzled.”This is my home. Who are you?How did you get in?””The man answered firmly.”Look around. Are you sure this is your home?”Then, the police through the police platform face recognition that the drunk man is the early morning alarm after losing contact with Mr. Liu.As they talked, Liu gradually woke up and told the police that the stairway and room layout were almost exactly the same as at home.The police discovered that the whole incident was a big mistake made by careless homeowner Ms Wang and drunk Mr Liu.The owner of the house, Ms. Wang, was careless and forgot to lock the door before going to bed, so Mr. Liu, who was drunk, took the wrong corridor according to the usual route home and came to Ms. Wang’s house by a strange combination of circumstances. Mr. Liu, who opened the door, mistakenly thought he was home, took off his shoes and fell asleep.Police told Modern Express that The 50-year-old woman, surnamed Wang, lived alone and slept in the next room, but she didn’t notice anyone coming in until she got up to make breakfast and called the police.After checking the identity information, the police will be drunk Mr. Liu safely back to the home of the corridor next door, and charged and reminded, lest similar things happen again.At the same time also remind the alarm, Ms. Wang, to improve their awareness of prevention, the night to close the doors and Windows, not to leave an opportunity for lawbreakers.(Photo courtesy of Binhai Police) source Modern Express