Western style!Chongqing mountain trail won the gold medal in the international Design competition!

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Won the gold medal in the international design competition!Chongqing this mountain city trail with what?On February 12, chongqing ushered in the long-lost sunshine. Plum blossoms were in full bloom in Yidu Park in Dadukou District.Citizens came to the park from a red-and-gray walkway, where children ran on bicycles and carried kites, enjoying the weekend.The trail has a special name: Chonggang Cliff Line Mountain City Trail, which is also the first “cliff line aerobic track” in central Chongqing.Due to the high vertical drop between dadukou urban built-up area and Binjiang Road, the road was built on the cliff, where you can have a panoramic view of the Yangtze River.The trail starts at Boqiao Road, Jianqiao Avenue, Dadukou District, and it takes 500 meters to reach Yidu Park.The footpath circles around the park in the shape of a “heart”, crosses the expressway in the form of a footpath bridge, and descends in the shape of a “Z”, connecting the children’s park under construction and yidu ancient Town.At present, the first 1.5 km main line has been built and put into use.Sintering cliff mountain trails is the chongqing municipal government planning of article 60 of one of the key characteristics of mountain trails, covers an area of about 788000 ㎡, is located in the old sintering cliff near line, west LinGang flower road, the Yangtze river in the east, south bridge road, south road on the north, across the cliff contour for sintering plant site area, project about 22 km, the installment construction.”The walkway connects the whole area through the main line and other paths, making it easier for us to walk around.”Wang Guowei, a resident, said his community used to have to take a detour from the main road to reach Yidu Park, but now it is comfortable and convenient to take the footpath directly.”As long as the weather is fine, I will come for a walk every day and stand by the park to see the grandeur of the Yangtze River.””Walking along the beautiful footpath and overlooking the clear water of the river is really delightful!”Li Wei, 62, a retired teacher, has lived in baihua Community, Jiugongmiao Street, Dadukou District, for nearly 20 years.Speaking of chongqing steel line of cliff mountain trails change, plaint unceasingly, li wei, she says, the trails in many people’s eyes, is not only a leisure fitness, but also a explore urban grade charm “artery”, it connect along the scenic spot, in meet the demand of public fitness at the same time, also have the effect of the beautify the city.Recently, the Mountain City Trail project of Chongqing Iron and Steel Company yalong has won the Gold Medal in the International Environmental Art Category of the 2022 Paris Design Awards, standing out from hundreds of entries from more than 30 countries/regions around the world.What does mountain city footpath of cliff line of Chonggang obtain international award?The Paris Design Award is a global, multicultural and inclusive international competition with strong expertise in the fields of architecture, interior, landscape, product and graphic design.What does mountain city footpath of cliff line of Chonggang obtain international award?The design team revealed the secrets.”The combination of mountains and rivers in Chongqing and the difference in topography give us great space for creation.”According to Yang Jing, director of the project and general manager of the TYLin International Landscape Division in China, there is a maximum drop of more than 60 meters between dadukou urban built-up area and Binjiang Road, and many tourist resources are scattered here, making it a long detour for citizens to reach Binjiang Road.”Our biggest bright spot in this design is to give full play to the function of slow trails, it makes the urban construction area and riverside scattered tourism resources together, the old industrial area and the combination of mountain city characteristics, cycling, walking through at an organic whole, for citizens from anywhere through the trail to the river and various attractions.”According to Yang jing, the total length of the mountain city trail is 22 kilometers, of which the main line is 6.3 kilometers.The 6.3-kilometer main line is like an artery, and the other branches are like capillaries. They extend in all directions and connect with each other, connecting Yidu Park, Yidu Ancient Town, Siyuan Park, industrial Museum and Sui and Tang Gardens.Tylin International China designer Zhu Li, who was the project’s design director, believes one of the big features of the project is: “There are no steps, the main line is fully bicycleable, and the main line is 4 meters wide, making it easy for vehicles to enter in emergencies.”Zhu li said that the team carried out the project design, according to the “One Belt, three Ring Road” planning ideas, after a large number of visits, excavate the cultural heritage along the trail.”One belt” refers to the main line of the footpath. On the basis of the main entrance, 24 entrances and exits of various kinds are set up to connect the Nine Temple business circle, Ge Lao Xi area and three areas along the two rivers and four banks of the riverside.”In the preliminary research, we found that local people have a strong affection for The company. We especially used sculptures and paintings to show the culture of The company, such as placing machine tools and telling the history of the company through words.”Ms. Julie said there was also an emphasis on gray and red trails.Gray represents calm, red represents vitality, red also symbolizes the red culture of Chongqing, and corresponds to the overall tone of Dadukou city.At present, the second phase of mountain City footpath is under construction and is expected to open within this year. At that time, citizens can direct to the industrial museum through the footpath.In the future, the footpath will also connect the Yangtze River Art Bay Area and help the construction of “Park Dadu, Colorful Art Bay”.Statement: This article is copyrighted by the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com